The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman

The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman

The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman

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I was pulled into the long list of reviews here and noticed that all of them were one extreme or the other. Some say it was awesome and a must have (very likely paid or compensated reviews) and others state it is the worst and a HUGE waste of their money, but nothing in moderation.

I purchased the Total Transformation for two reasons, one my teen had developed a sudden and situation specific defiant behavior and two I wanted to know if this was a product worth recommending to my online peers (yes as an affiliate) and here’s what I found,

The program IS NOT ideal for the type of issues I was battling with my teen, rather it is designed for what we can call chronic behavior problems, meaning your child consistently lies about where they are going or consistently refuses to do their part around the home.

BUT in addition to being a consistent behavior problem your approach has to also be inconsistent. If you are setting appropriate consequences, enforcing them every time, and expecting your child to take responsibility then you don’t need this program.

Also I found the program to be very age specific. While it is practical to use with your preteens and teens it’s NOT a practical tool for younger kids facing behavior issues. It is written directly to the teen audience and that’s it.

I agree that the advertising, and frankly 98% of their affiliates (those who receive compensation if their link makes a sale) focus way too much on the hype, have included too broad a spectrum of areas to use this program with and ineffectively demonstrate the right scenarios to use this program with. Another problem I see with the advertising by the owners, affiliates and other promoters is they elude to the fact that ALL bad behavior is ‘defiant’ behavior and that’s just not true.

I myself am a paid affiliate for the total transformation but here is my honest view:

If your child has a consistent, chronic behavior issue (lasting more than a few months) AND you are inconsistent in your parenting with no clear goals to become consistent this program can work for you.

If your child is younger than 14, has a situation specific behavior problem OR you are consistent in your parenting, or at least have a clear goal of how to become consistent, then this program WILL NOT work for you.

Take a real look at your specific situation, determine if your child meets the age criteria, then the behavior criteria, then determine if you as parents meet the parenting criteria. If not, I suggest you pass the program up and find something more suitable to your needs.

I would recommend looking into a book called It Takes a Parent by Betsy Hart. This is an excellent book to help parents deal with situation problems and the typical bad behavior that you find with most kids today. For those that find they meet the criteria above then I recommend you give it a try.

No matter what the customer service reps tell you, you will know within a couple weeks if this program is going to work for you. If you find it doesn’t request your refund and simply refuse to give it a longer try. It’s that simple.

Hope this review is helpful and I hope that more people can come in here and offer some input that is not to the extreme. I think those are the reviews that can really benefit the parenting community.

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