The Robinson Home School Curriculum

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The Robinson Home School Curriculum

The Robinson Home School Curriculum

The Robinson Curriculum was created by Dr. Arthur Robinson, who is a home-based Scientist & owner/president of Oregon Institute of Science & Medicine. Dr. Robinson desired a self-teaching curriculum for his children, when his wife died, that focused on the essentials of reading, writing and arithmetic (The 3-R’s method) without all the unnecessary filler information that is being taught today in most schools and most homes across the country.

Dr. Robinson’s methods and ideas are simple, but not original and can be traced back to the turn of the century. He has opened many minds to seek a superior education— the time-tested, proven method using vintage books and the important fact that it doesn’t take a lot of money, to educate your children. With today’s technology you can access most everything you need from the internet to home school the Robinson way. Dr. Robinson started with a quality home library. Having readily available resources for inquiring, growing minds is always important in every household.

The RC Basic Method or Course of Study:
1. Reading quality books
2. Writing one essay per day
3. Math (The RC suggests to buy Saxon but not until 54. It contains No Math except flashcards)

The RC course of study is what’s called Self-Teaching and the famous 3-R’s. He says all other subjects should be learned in the essay or reading part of your schedule. He does not discourage other subjects, but says if not required by your state, should be given attention as extra curriculum activities only.

The Robinson Home School Curriculum includes:

Course of Study:
A 120 page discourse by Dr. Art Robinson discussing all the aspects of how you setup and run a self-teaching homeschool using this curriculum which also incorporates the experiences of the many families who have found this to be most effective in their own homes. 12 sections in all:
Study Environment
Science and Mathematics
Oral Learning
Books to Buy
Ordering and Registration
Newsletter Vol. lll, No.12

This is essential reading … and rereading. It takes a concentrated effort to get on a different track for our children and deprogram ourselves from an institutional model of dependent learning.

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