The MDRT Store – Sales Masters: Ben Feldman

The MDRT Store – Sales Masters: Ben Feldman

The MDRT Store – Sales Masters: Ben Feldman

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When you consider Ben’s accomplishments he is clearly one of the best THE BEST SALESMAN to ever walk the planet.

$5,000,000,000 worth of insurance over a career
$30,000,000 a year average over a 50 year period
Even more impressive is…this was during the 50′s and 60′s!!!
A time when 1 million a year was a big thing and
10 million a year was considered a pipe dream

No one in the history of life insurance salesmanship has come close to him

Alone he has put more life insurance on the books than have some two-thirds of the life insurance companies in America Combined!

And he did it all working out of a little town on the Ohio River: East Liverpool, with a population of 20,000-about the same figure it boasted 50 years ago!

Persuasion experts like Brian Tracy,Richard Bandler and Donald Moine among many others have praised the master sales skills of Ben Feldman .
But from everything that I have seen, the NLP guys completely “missed the boat”.
One can only suspect why they left out a lot of…THE DETAILS when it comes to modeling Feldman.

Anyway…if you ever wondered what Milton Erickson would look like and sound like if he were a super salesman…Here is a rare opportunity to see Ben giving a live presentation hypnotically or not.
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