The Gnomon Workshop – Painting Realistic Skin in Mari 2.0

The Gnomon Workshop – Painting Realistic Skin in Mari 2.0

In Justin’s second texture DVD tutorial, he covers how to paint realistic female skin in the new Mari 2.0. Justin will explore various types of photographic reference as well as demonstrate relatively new techniques to painting pore displacement textures using scanned pore details. He will introduce you to Mari 2.0, the best way to transition from Mari 1.6 or 1.5 and explore the all new and exciting layer system within Mari 2.0 to ensure a 100% non-destructive workflow. To finish off the demos, Justin will show the easiest methods in which to paint convincing eyes that will breathe life and soul into your characters.

Author: Justin Holt
Released: Mar 2013
Software Used: The Foundry Mari, Adobe Photoshop
Format: FLV
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 333 minutes
Size: 3.00 GB
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Topics Covered
* UV Layout
* Skin Specular Maps
* Texture Layers
* Reference Gathering
* Displacement Maps
* Weathering Skin
* Grading
* Painting Eyes
* Reference Cleanup
* Epidermal Skin Maps
* Sub Surface Skin Maps

* Introduction and UVs Part 1
* Laying out UVs Part 2
* Texture Reference
* Introduction to Mari 2.0
* Painting Color Maps Part 1
* Painting Color Maps Part 2
* Painting Color Maps Part 3
* Painting Color Maps Part 4
* Painting Sub-dermal “Deep” Maps
* Painting Sub-dermal “Mid” Maps
* Mari 2.0 Procedural Layers
* Painting Specular Maps
* Painting Fine Displacement Maps Part 1
* Painting Fine Displacement Maps Part 2
* Weathering Skin: Dirt and Grime Maps
* Adding Scalp and Skin Details
* Introduction to Texturing Eyes
* Reference Cleanup and Initial Projections
* Eyes Base Paint
* Eyes Color Correction
* Eyes Secondary Maps and Conclusion.



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