The Average Joe Club

The Average Joe Club

The Average Joe Club

I am not professing to master SEO as of yet, but I do know how to get a site to the front page of Google. I owe all thanks not to Keyword Academy, Tycoon Cash Flow, or Acme People Search. Those three are for some people, but Lu of Loophole Marketers created the Average Joe’s Club for me! Many people know nothing about SEO and Lu trains us how to rank websites on the front page of Google!

Personally I think the Average Joe’s Club is a misnomer as Lu is not an average Joe! He is a talented young man, but he is a mastermind. He reminds me much of a teacher as he uses graphic organizers to teach and show exactly how to build backlinks and order our steps to be successful.

Lu has been at affiliate marketing for some time and I find him a trustworthy source. He has affiliated with CPA Lead, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and the list goes on and on. Lu gives us his actual best practices that have made him money. He actually makes good money!

What amazes me is that he only charges $4.95 for the first month of the Average Joe’s Club which is his membership club whereby he provides explicit and direct instruction tutorial videos. After the first month it is $9.95 thereafter.

I have learned how to write reviews which have gotten me sales, how to market local businesses which has allowed me to help family, and conduct keyword research in multiple ways to have the competitive edge.

If you recently put up a website and can’t get it on the front page of Google, consider Lu of Loophole Marketers at the Average Joe’s Club!
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