TEN24 – Photorealistic Male Tutorial

TEN24 - Photorealistic Male Tutorial

TEN24 – Photorealistic Male Tutorial
English | Video 1680 x 1022 | Elearning | 1.4 GB

Welcome to the photo-realistic male model tutorial from Ten24. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to create something really special for you. Every care has been taken to create one of the most realistic and complete human models on the web. We hope you enjoy the tutorial and go on to do some great work using the model.

Tutorial Chapters Include:
Chapter 1 :: Texture Projection
Effective techniques for projection photographic textures on the body mesh
Chapter 2 :: Projecting the Head Textures
Using high resolution texture reference to project and bake the head
Chapter 3 :: Combining Baked Maps
How to combine a series of Baked out Photographic textures using lighting masks
Chapter 4 :: Zbrush texturing
Using Zbrush to clean up textures and remove seams and unwanted distortion
Chapter 5 :: Hair
Creating a realistic hair texture
Chapter 6 :: Bump maps
Techniques used to extract high resolution distortion free bump maps from colour maps using photoshop
Chapter 7 :: Subdermal and Epidermal
Way to extract both sub-dermal and epidermal texture maps for use in the skin shader
Chapter 8 ::Skin shading and lighting setup
Setting up the simple skin shader in Lightwave using the maps generated in the previous chapters
Chapter 9 :: Specular and gloss maps
Creating specular reflection and gloss maps in Photoshop
Chapter 10 :: Render and Post processing
Setting up and rendering the final image and post processing in Photoshop


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