Super Seminar (2013 – Los Angeles CA) – Jay Abraham

 Super Seminar (2013 - Los Angeles CA) - Jay Abraham

Super Seminar (2013 – Los Angeles CA) – Jay Abraham

What you’ll discover:

Making the money connection.

60 ways to harness other business’s resources, assets, access-without capital or risk.

12 pillars for creating unlimited business wealth-without investing capital/risk.

Nine ways most businesses get stuck and how to get unstuck.

Top three reasons most small businesses can’t get past their limited size.

Twenty ways to increase frequency or utility/economic value of a buyer.

Turning yourself into a “multiplier” instead of a business “diminisher”.

Creating an iconic brand/company/product.

43 methods for leveraging other business’s relational capital.

How to incorporate divergent thinking into whatever linear strategies, marketing and business model you currently apply.

60+ real world case study stories, actual illustrative examples of successes we’ve engineered by adapting and adopting.

Template examples/exercises to transform your business from commodity to proprietary/from marginal to pre-eminent.

(Note: Part two of this will be clinical assessment and diagnostic corrective treatment of how to bring out the greatness in yourself, team, marketing and branding/positioning.)

Distinctions of being a “Marketing Maven”-including 24 separate characteristics you can adopt, 12 behavior changes you can quickly apply Brand repositioning.

Strategy restructuring.

Business model remodeling.

Acquiring other similar or complimentary businesses without using capital or risk.

Key thinking tools for redefining your future.

Two dozen ways to grow new prospects/buyers.

12 ways to increase unit of sale.

12 ways to turn your enterprise into a high growth “gazelle”.

Future pacing.

Strategic storytelling.

The science of using bonuses and risk reversal to create proprietary offerings.

A strategy for out thinking/ out marketing/ out positioning your competition.

How to make your people and yourself more fascinating.

Social media/digital marketing as never explained before.

Nine high impact elements of business performance few entrepreneurs maximize.

9 skills of marketing greatness.

Four ways to unleash the greatness in yourself.

How to secure and then optimize your own masterful thinking partner(s).

Convergent/divergent integrative thinking.

Nine powerful ways to use strategic alliances.

Seven new ways to out think everyone.

How to penetrate new markets and create new revenue sources.

The key to creative collaboration.

Mastering the six strategic processes of profitable progress.

How to understand “return on assets”.

12 online calculators of differing performance indicators.

Evaluating your social intelligence, emotional intelligence, strategic intelligence.

How to become a high-trust leader and create a business that’s the only viable choice your market makes.

36 all new power principles (these are in ADDITION to the 21 we’ll re-review).

Top 21 no-cost referral systems-each carefully explained.

How to harness the power of momentum.

How to get the money for your startup or stagnant business and what to do if you can’t.

Adjusting your vision for growth and higher PROFITS.

Reverse engineering your target performance indicators.

Creating sustaining momentum.

Leveraging the power of human performance.

Making competition irrelevant.

Shaping the destiny of your business future.

Understanding “program controls”.

The Strategic Wealth Creator System.

How the Strategy of Preeminence can drive value.

How to use “the power of questions” to discover the best breakthrough answers.

The art/science of making preemptive business propositions and offers.

How and where to learn “Leadership Agility”.

Tools that will make you a more strategic leader.

How to develop accurate critical thinking.

Using the “Wealth Equation” for financial freedom.

Harnessing a “masterful thinking partner” paradigm.

The power of Asset Velocity.

Tools/techniques to eliminate constraints, bottlenecks and logjams in your pathway.

Mining intellectual assets.

Developing talent.

Forces, factors and elements that affect/afflict/impact performance.

The price of mediocrity.

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