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Get StomperMobile and Learn to Dominate Any Market
– Easier and Faster Than Ever Before –
Using Tools that Your Competitors Don’t Even Know Exist!

When you learn how to dominate ANY market, or take ANY marketing campaign and kick it up a notch, you can pretty much write your own ticket. And when you’re out in front of something this big, you’ll be one of VERY FEW people who really
gets it.

And if you’ll take the time to go through this step-by-step course, you’re going to enjoy crushing your competitors in any market while they’re sitting there scratching their heads looking very confused.

IMPORTANT: Read the Course Curriculum Below

The information on this web page is critical for you to read right now – especially the very detailed course description, below.

And if you’re thinking that all this talk about mobile marketing is all hype and hooey…well then, as one well known speaker likes to say, “You’re a special kind of idiot.” Lol. And I’m just kidding – just because someone hasn’t connected the dots (yet) doesn’t mean they’re an idiot.

In fact, I’d say that MOST of us – and maybe even more so for internet marketers – it’s not obvious why cell phones are even worth worrying about. Unless someone is a particularly forward-thinking person, we’re too busy worrying about getting more traffic to our web sites and converting more prospects into customers – online.

Why Should I Care About Mobile Marketing??

When people come to our site, we’re usually not trying to get them to call, right? In fact, many marketers prefer that they don’t. Click the order button, download your product, thank you, you’re done. In fact, I can picture some of these guys saying to themselves:

“I have a WEB SITE…people find it with their COMPUTER…why in the heck would I want to worry about marketing to people’s cell phones??”

Truth be told, that’s kind of what I thought…

Until I started talking to Dan Hollings about what he was doing with mobile marketing.

I think I said something like, “So, what are you doing – sending text messages to people? For what? They can’t buy from you until they’re “really” online. And you already have their email – what’s the point?”

Oh how naive I was.

Ironically, I’ve been buying a ton of stuff online from my iPhone. In fact, on many days, I spend far more time online with my phone than I do with my laptop.

And when people send me links to videos that I can’t watch, how often do you think I remember to go back and watch them later. Almost never. (And that’s after I already opened their emails, clicked the links, and waited for the pages to load.)

Sorry, but if I go through all that and the page is blank, the chance of me ever going back is . . . remote. But Mobile Marketing isn’t just about surfing web sites and watching videos on your mobile browser.

Not even close.

Connecting Equals CASH!

It’s about CONNECTING better and easier with more of your prospects and customers. Not just more often, but in ways that are more CONVENIENT and easy for THEM.

It’s about making it FAR EASIER for them to do business with you. To read your follow-up messages. To connect with your online information. To get what they need from you wherever they are, whenever they need it, any way they want it.

When you make it easier for your prospects, they make it a whole lot easier for you to make money.

Whatever you do to make money now, mobile marketing helps you do it faster and easier. But you have to know how to do it.

And the best part is, VERY FEW other marketers know anything about mobile marketing – yet!

So take advantage of this while you can. Be one of the first in your market to figure this out – and then ride the tidal wave for as long as it takes them to catch up.

Of course once you get out in front, it will be easier to stay ahead.


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