Steve G. Jones – Psychic Desire

Steve G. Jones - Psychic Desire

Steve G. Jones - Psychic Desire

Steve G. Jones – Psychic Desire


Using the power of hypnosis, I have been able to help people reach the alpha state where I can implant certain messages into their subconscious mind.

This opens the door for endless possibilities, in both the physical and the meta-physical world.

Many years ago, people began coming to me because they wanted to unlock the psychic power with themselves and so I created a system that I could use during a private hypnosis session that would enable them to do so.

The only problem is that a private session costs $25,000 and it involves a trip to my office in Savannah Georgia.

I thought to myself that there must be an easier and more affordable way to do this.

That’s when I decided to put my education in cognitive psychology (the study of how people learn) to work and create a program that people could use whenever they wanted to achieve the same state; with the same result.

Introducing Psychic Desire

This Eight Module Learning System will unlock the sixth sense within you by revealing:

The History Of Psychic Power – Here you’ll learn exactly how people began to unlock this phenomenon within themselves.

Enhancing Your Psychic Ability Phase One – Using the power of meditation, you will heighten your sense of intuition so your journey can begin.

Enhancing Your Physic Ability Phase Two – Using the power of hypnosis, you will now include visualization into the process of your psychic journey.

The Art Of Clairvoyance – Discover the five types of clairvoyance and how to experience all of them to the highest degree.

Mediumship Mastery – Here you’ll learn the truth about communication with spirits.

Essentials Of Psychic Reading – Here I’ll cover everything from tarot cards to numerology to ensure you are covered in every capacity.

And Much More!

The time to unlock the sixth sense within you has finally arrived in the form of a program unpatrolled in it’s ability to provide you with a clear vision of the future.

The time to act is now!

For just $27.97 which is less than the price that you would pay to visit a psychic, you unlock your own ability to see the future.

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