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Steve Clayton – SEM Business Blueprint

If you are involved in internet marketing in the last few years you probably have heard of the products, SEM Business Blueprint, Niche Blueprint and Commission Blueprint. All of the products were created by these two guys, Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey. If you do not know of these guys or their products and are involved or looking to get involved in affiliate marketing or niche marketing then do some research on their products and you will find none better for teaching you how to succeed at this harsh, competitive market place.

When I am looking to improve my knowledge and to build my business further I like to do my due diligence and learn more about the products and also I really like to know who the person is creating the product or products. If a person has a good reputation you can usually correlate that into their products will be also of high quality, as being in business myself I believe firmly in what goes around comes around and with internet marketing the world is very small and not filled with many hiding places.

Now getting back to my main topic here is to tell you some about the authors of those products I listed above.

Steve and Tim are currently running a internet marketing business together and created to my knowledge now three products together. Those products are SEM Business Blueprint, Niche Blueprint and Commission Blueprint. Commission Blueprint first launched in 2008 and I purchased this product in January 2009 from them as a one time fee. After learning more about these two guys and how they started a monthly membership for Commission Blueprint including more tools for successful business building I joined the monthly membership and am still a member enjoying their product immensely. Another product they released this last year is Niche Blueprint. I have not purchased that product but it is about how to build an ecommerce site and get it in the top ten of Google and successful fast. There are many many great reviews of this product also, all I can attest too is Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey are delivering on their products.

The third product they recently release is SEM Business Blueprint, and I now have this one too as it fit my business model perfectly. SEM Business is a business in a box. It is a search engine marketing business with all the tools, websites, promotional material, spreadsheets, presentations & proposals all inside. You can have a business up and running in two days with only a $200 investment. What other business could you start with such little time and money. The opportunity Steven and Tim have opened up to anyone who purchases their products is so huge there is no way to put a dollar value on it.

A little more detail about Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey

Both were successful before they got together. Prior to founding ‘Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting’, Steve was Vice President. This was for a large Corporation doing huge amounts of business in the USA.

Starting his internet marketing business about 36 months ago, he has become very successful using his knowledge of stats etc. from his previous employment.

Tim became successful by building an online internet empire in the gambling niche, and as well sold many other online business niches and also runs a profitable trading business too. He is also the author of a product called profit praxis before Steve and Tim teamed up to do their products together.

Conclusion: Overall I can confidently recommend SEM Business Blueprint & any other of Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey’s products to you as the best opportunities out there. You will find others but not in the same top level category of these products.

To Your Success

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