Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer 2.3.8

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer 2.3.8

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer 2.3.8

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer 2.3.8



How to Get $0.03 Likes in Competitive Niches and Turn Them into Customers

Facebook ads have become the cheapest and fastest way to build a targeted audience for your blog or site. Having a Facebook page is a must because it can funnel hundreds of ultra-targeted visitors every day to you site for very little money and because the visitors are so targeted you can easily turn them into customers. Being that they …


Infographic – Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts is a directory of fonts created by Google and a number of font designers. This resource is important because most fonts, other than the 150 or so already installed on your computer, cost money – a lot of money. And if you use a font on your website that your visitors are unlikely to have purchased, they won’t …


What People Want (Infographic)

As marketers we must always be tuned into what people want in order to serve the market better and tailor our products and marketing accordingly. Here’s exactly what everyone wants:


Infographic – The Importance of Color Choice in Marketing

One of the most severely underrated components of a website is its design – not just the interface and usability of the site, but the color scheme and visual elements. You see, people respond to color and if you understand how and why they do, you can use it to your advantage. That’s why it’s important to learn the meaning …

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Getting Traffic with Press Releases

You must be constantly looking for ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. The more diverse your traffic strategy is the better. In this blog post I want to share with you a great method to drive targeted traffic that has been giving me very good results. Press Releases… Yes, the same press releases that have been a marketing …


Desire is a Beautiful Thing

Ask anyone you know what it is they want right now in their life, and you’re sure to get a lengthy wish list. There will be material things that would make their lives more comfortable or convenient like a new car, a bigger house, or just more money in general. They might also want a change in circumstances such as …


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