Sonia Stringer – Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring Coaching Program

Sonia Stringer – Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring Coaching Program

Sonia Stringer – Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring Coaching Program

Feeling frustrated because so many people just don’t see
the value of your products or biz opportunity?

Find out how a simple shift in what you are SAYING can
easily BOOST your sales and recruiting results by
25-60% in the next month!…

Catch the Replay – Magic Words Training Session with Steve Wiltshire’s Group

Click below to view this 60 min training session – and learn simple ways to
immediately get more bookings, sales and new business partners:

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And if you’re interested in the longer coaching program – please see details below.

“The Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring”
What to Say When You Talk About Your Business — So People Easily GET IT —
Buy Your Products and Join Your Team!

Interactive Coaching Program with Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer

From: Sonia Stringer — San Diego, CA
To: Savvy Women Around the World

Re: A Simple Way to Immediately Boost Your Sales and Recruiting Results!

Hello lovely ladies!

If you’re like many of the gals I work with in network marketing/direct sales…I bet you LOVE your products and your business, and are excited about growing your business.

And you should be! There has NEVER been a better time to be building a business from home — for 3 BIG reasons:

  • The Economy: All the shifts and unpredictability of the last few years has inspired people to look for new ways to make money. Everyone needs a Plan B, but now more people know it! That’s great news for you and your business.
  • Technology: The internet and tools like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to connect with new leads, develop customers and build a team virtually ANYWHERE in the world. Because of this — people who previously weren’t that interested in direct sales are seeing the potential, and getting involved.
  • Women are leaving the corporate world in DROVES to start businesses from home. Recent stats indicate over 400 women a DAY are starting businesses from home, and many of these gals are PERFECT for your opportunity.

You and your business are positioned smack dab in the middle of 3 amazing trends, which means you have more opportunity to make big money and a huge difference with your business in the next few years than EVER before! But there’s only one problem.

How do you help other people “see what you see” and get excited to buy your products, and join your team?

This is perhaps the biggest challenge all women face right now. Think about it! How many people do you know, right now, who definitely need your products…or desperately need another income source…but when you share your business with them, they just don’t “get it”…and you end up frustrated. And if this doesn’t change, how many more sales or recruiting opportunities will you miss out on, just because you can’t get others to see the value in what you have?

Here’s something REALLY important I want you to know.

If you aren’t making the money you’d like to be in your business…it’s not because of what you are DOING, it’s because of what you are SAYING.

And it’s NOT your fault! Most of us have never been taught how to communicate about our businesses, so others can easily SEE THE VALUE in what we’re sharing, then get excited to buy from us our join our team!

If you want to book more classes and one-to-one meetings that stick, sell twice the products and recruit business partners that will take you to the top of your company…you need to know how to communicate so people get the value of what you are offering, and take action!

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be learning through the “Magic Words” program.

Welcome to the Magic Words Coaching Program!

Get ready to learn the same simple steps many women are already using to boost their bookings, sales and recruiting results 25-60% – in as little as a MONTH! What you are about to learn is truly “life and business-changing”!

By taking part in this program you will…

    • Discover the important psychology behind selling and sponsoring, so you can elegantly influence people to make decisions and take action.
    • Discover the #1 thing your prospects need to hear about your business or products that will inspire them to pull out their checkbook (and happily sign up)…
    • Find out the most common mistake EVERY networker makes that is killing your results…and what to say so even the biggest skeptics take a second look at your business…
    • Learn how to “craft powerful messages” that will literally DOUBLE your appointments, sales and recruiting results…
    • Find out what to say when networking “live” so people are excited to give you their business card….
    • Know what to say when setting an appointment or inviting someone to a presentation – so people not only say yes, they actually show up…
    • Know how to talk about your products and business on-line so that people pay attention, and want to find out more about what you do.
    • Learn how to write “power messages” in emails and on websites so that you attract great leads and generate a lot more sales…
money coming out of computer
  • Discover what you MUST say on Facebook, Twitter, etc if you want people to contact you about your business…
  • Feel totally excited to approach people about your business, because what you are doing is working so well, and more people are joining your team.
  • Develop the skills to keep people enrolled in your business long after they have joined
  • Know how to teach your team to duplicate your results so they are easily boosting their sales 25% or more.

Price: $367
You Just Pay: $29.95
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