Sol Sebastian – The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Sol Sebastian - The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Sol Sebastian – The Multi-Orgasmic Man

The Multi-Orgasmic Man Online Course is a program that will completely upgrade your sex-life and give you a special sort of wisdom that you will use for the rest of your life.

Are you fully satisfied with the current state of your sex life?

Do you feel like there is more to it than what you are currently experiencing?
Would you like to experience longer, more extended pleasure with your lover?
Would you like to experience more depth & intensity, turning everyday sex into something truly transformational?
Would you like to broaden your range as a lover, opening up a whole new world of experience and sensation?

You have it within you to expand your love life beyond what you’ve settled for in the past.
How do I know this? Because I have done this and have helped thousands of men discover their Multi-Orgasmic potential and shift their lives so that not only do they experience greater pleasure for themselves, but have also successfully translated this into their relationships.

Being Multi-Orgasmic the birthright of all men.

It’s not just a cheap thrill, but part of being alive and to feel fully expressed as a man, both physically and emotionally.

The more inspired, energized, and magnetic you are, the more influential your presence will be in the World.

The world wants you to be as sexually conscious and potent as you can be and this is why I created the Multi-Orgasmic Man online program.

I know how little there is, in terms of real and grounded sexual advise, and that what is out there, is very often half-baked and over-sensationalized, so I have taken it upon myself to ensure that everything you receive in this program is not only tried and true, but also the very best of what it is that I have to offer.
This is modern wisdom for modern guys and real men are taking up the mantle and running with it.
This program is designed to invite you access your natural in-born erotic intelligence.
Join a community of incredible men who are waking up to the potential of their bodies, their hearts, their minds and their sexuality, and are rocking out in the process!

Let me ask you:

Do you find sex to be consistently powerful and expansive or does it leave you feeling a little unfulfilled?
Do you suffer from any sexual anxiety, performance issues, or dullness during sex?
Do you feel deeply nourished or wiped out from the experience of having sex?
Do you find that you are great at taking care of your lovers needs, but for some reason, you are left feeling frustrated or resentful?

Maybe you have tried all sorts of kinky games, porn, fancy sex toys or elaborate techniques with your partner, but are still frustrated with your experience?
If you said yes to any of this questions, then this program is for you.
Imagine discovering new states of arousal that you never thought existed before.
Imagine knowing that you’re consistently able to give your woman the deepest pleasure she’s ever had.
Imagine how amazing it feels to be so confident in your sexuality that you can’t help but attract amazing women into your life-and trust me, they have a nose for this.
Imagine how this confidence would effect the way you show up in the world and the abundance it would bring into your life.
Imagine having a guided step-by-step program that goes deep, allowing you to fully explore and expand your potential as a man.

Who is the Multi-Orgasmic Man Program perfect for?

Its for men who are curious enough to want to explore the depths of their sexual potential.
Its for the guy who wants to take his relationship to the next level.
Its for the guy who is emotionally mature, erotically intelligent and values the gifts that sexuality brings into his life.

Who is the Multi-Orgasmic Man Program not for?

This program is not for the sexual cynic.
It’s not for men who are emotionally stunted and sexually immature.
It’s not for men who aren’t willing to do the work and get in touch with their deeper, more essential masculinity.
This course is for the man who is dedicated to his aliveness, who celebrates his own evolution, and that of the women in his life.

The six main themes that encapsulate this course are:
1. Breaking the Myths of Multiple Orgasm
2. Tempering the Steel
3. Sexual Reflexology-An Advanced Manual To Your Arousal System
4. Multi-Orgasmic Mastery
5. Release the Beast
6. Multi-Orgasmic Lifestyle Design

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