Social Media Mastery by Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

Social Media Mastery by Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

Social Media Mastery by Michelle Alpha Pescosolido


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– Module 1: Creating a highly converting (and money making) FanPage

This module is the foundation and will set the tone for the rest of the course. This first module will save you countless hours of headache and heartache, and allow you to start your FaceBook marketing campaign off on the right foot the first time around!

– Module 2: Build a sexy landing tab using MLSP

You need a sexy looking capture page offer inside of FaceBook that you can leverage today, drive FB users to, and collect names and emails to build your list. The ads themselves are only half of the equation; the other half is your “landing tab,” and the MLSP “done-for-you” landing tabs convert like wildfire. This module will show you how to set this up in minutes!

– Module 3: Build a landing tab using FanPage engine

This module shows another easy to implement solution that you can use to set up simple landing tabs so you can start generating leads immediately. While we recommend the MLSP landing tabs because they convert better, FanPage engine does provide easy-to-implement landing tabs.

– Module 4: Free FaceBook strategies to generate leads and rabid fans in 15 minutes a day

The tips and tricks embedded in Module 4 are going to blow you away! In just 15 minutes a day, you can use these simple strategies to start generating leads, getting fans, and making money with FaceBook!

– Module 5: Drive serious amounts traffic to a landing tab for leads 24×7

Now that your landing tabs (capture pages) are set up, and you’ve got some strategies that will allow you to get in front of countless FaceBook users, it’s time to now drive serious amounts of traffic to your newly set-up landing tabs! This module will show you exactly how it’s done.

– Module 6: “Sponsored Story Ads” exposed PLUS my #1 best ad that converts at 39% ctr and less than .10 cents a click

“Sponsored Story Ads” are a GREAT way to get dirt-cheap clicks for less than a dime! When you combine this strategy with Michelle’s #1 best converting ad, which converts at 39%, you are about to realize first-hand how she’s been able to DOMINATE the FaceBook world!

– Module 7: Use “Sponsored Status Updates” to get fans, generate leads, and make money!

“Sponsored Status Updates” are a hidden goldmine inside of FaceBook, but there are some things you MUST do to get the most out of the “Sponsored Status” strategy. This module will show you everything you need to start leveraging “Sponsored Status Updates” to rake in leads, fans, and sign-ups.

– Module 8: Create an ad to drive traffic to a website outside of FaceBook

Landing Tabs inside of FaceBook are AWESOME, but there is also a time for driving traffic to a website outside of FaceBook. This module will explain when you would want to drive traffic to a page outside of FaceBook, and then how to do it profitably!

– Module 9: Use FaceBook “Events” to generate leads, and put all of these modules together for a Fierce FaceBook marketing business!

FaceBook “Events” are a great way to build your list, and this module will show you the sneaky tactics to get fans and leads 24×7 from your “Events.” This module will also show you how to link up all 9 Modules in this course so that your FaceBook Marketing is ready to run like a well-oiled machine generating you an endless amount of fans, leads, and money for your business!

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