SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

Overview | Goal and Objectives:

SLR Lounge & Lin and Jirsa are proud to introduce the 2 DVD Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop. When we approached Couples Photography, commonly referred to as Engagement Photography, we want to help both beginners and professional develop and enhance a strong overall foundation in couples portraiture. So, this Workshop has been designed to teach photographers a simple and systematic approach to capturing professional natural light couples photography.

Intended Audience: Whether you are a seasoned professional or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, the lighting techniques, posing methods, planning knowledge, and post production skills you will learn in this workshop will improve your photography.

Course Requirements: In this workshop, we show you that professional results can be achieved with just your camera, a simple reflector and your photographic eye. For the post production section of the DVD, you will require any version of Adobe Lightroom. (Digital | Physical + digital | Physical)
Course Overview

We split this Workshop into 2 DVDs totalling nearly 8 hours of professional SLR Lounge quality education that you have come to know and expect. The first DVD covers the planning and the actual shooting of the couples photography session while the Second DVD includes all of the post production to turn our raw files into beautifully produced images.

DVD 1 – The Workshop DVD

posing-communication1) Posing & Communication – Posing and Communication is such a huge part of any portrait session and any successful portrait photographers skill set. We demonstrate how we pose and guide our subjects. Knowing how to quickly and confidently communicate and guide your subjects into different poses is crucial to the portrait photographer’s success.

2) Learn Foundation Posing

Shooting begins in Chapter 5 as we teach you our system for posing couples which we refer to as “Foundation Posing.” Foundation Posing is a framework we created that enables photographers to quickly move clients in and out of various poses within just seconds.


After learning the Foundation Posing framework, you will find that you can shoot 10-20 different looks and poses within 1-2 minutes. More importantly, you will never be on a shoot pausing trying to come up with “new poses.” (Digital | Physical + digital | Physical)

3) Gear, Camera Settings and Advice
In Chapter 2, we move on to discuss our favorite gear and camera settings for couples photography. We discuss necessary equipment, shooting and metering modes, as well as go over a “pre-click checklist” to think through prior to snapping each photo.
4) Lighting Techniques

Chapter 3 introduces the basic lighting techniques that we will be using throughout the workshop. Throughout the entire workshop, we will be showing you how to create amazing imagery with just a simple reflector and the natural light around you. We will show examples of using the reflector as a key light, fill light, gobo and scrim.

5) Preparation & Planning for Engagement Sessions

We start with preparing for the shoot. We talk through why it is important to convince wedding clients to do a pre-wedding portrait session, we talk about recommendations on professional makeup and styling for the shoot, optimal shoot lengths and planning for the potential what-could-go-wrongs.


But the meat of this chapter is in discussing and planning the client’s vision for their portraits. We show a planning session with an actual client where we discuss the style and concept for the shoot, cover potential locations and discuss appropriate wardrobe considerations

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