Sleep Now – How You Can Get To Sleep Now-Albert Nerenberg

Sleep Now – How You Can Get To Sleep Now-Albert Nerenberg

Sleep Now – How You Can Get To Sleep Now-Albert Nerenberg

Sleep Now – How You Can Get To Sleep Now-Albert Nerenberg

Name Product: Sleep Now – How You Can Get To Sleep Now-Albert Nerenberg
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Author: Albert Nerenberg

How To Develop an Effective Working Strategy For Nights When You Have Sleeping Problems
SLEEP NOW – An action plan for sleep

Sleep now is a solutions-based two pronged action plan to improve your sleep and solve sleeplessness now.

Sleep Now teaches a 10 step Sleep Practice common sense Improvement plan as well as a Multi-Step Action Plan For Nights When You Can’t Sleep.

It’s called Sleep Now for a reason. It’s designed to give you real tools to get to sleep. I’m not a doctor or a sleep specialist but I’ve had chronic sleep problems almost all my life. Sleep Now is my solution and it could be yours. As a filmmaker and a journalist, my job is to get to the crux of the story, and that’s what try to do with Sleep Now.

Sleeplessness is an epidemic with at least a 1/3 of the population reporting ongoing sleep problems. The good news is that most of these problems are solvable.

Although it seems obvious most of us were never taught how to sleep, which may be why many of us are bad at it. Insomnia is at epidemic levels and most people have regular trouble sleeping. I had sleep problems myself and found the official solutions, sleeping pills, counting sheep, even deep breathing are not solid solutions. In fact there is increasing evidence that dependance on sleeping pills may be dangerous in the long term. As an investigative filmmaker, I’ve learned some times you had to delve deep before you get answers. When I launched my own investigation of the insomnia epidemic I discovered two important things:

1) There Are Good Reasons For the Sleeplessness Epidemic

2) There Really Are Some Game Changing Techniques That Can Help You Get Control of Your Sleep Habits.

You will learn them quickly in this course.

This course will also provide you with tools to help you when you’re sleep challenged.

Combining hypnosis, breathing tactics, EFT and a potent sleep strategy Sleep Now is a powerful concentrated sleep course designed to make a difference quickly.

While everyone had advice on how to sleep better, Sleep Now is a breakthrough system that is designed to work tonight.

The system uses a 10-4 structures. It follows 10 principles of better sleeping as well as 4 Game Changing ideas you can apply. The teaching style is a simple direct sleep strategy designed to help you overcome sleep and relaxation problems naturally without drugs.

Sleep Now includes an optional Hypnosis Induction as well as a number of effective breathing techniques which make an instant difference. If you’re having trouble sleeping. Sleep now could be the answer.

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What are the requirements?
Some awareness of your sleep issues
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 14 lectures and 47 mins of content!
Can’t sleep? It’s tough. It’s lonely. And it can make you sick. 
The problem is most of the common solutions for sleeplessness are questionable. 
Sleeping pills have side effects in the short add long term. 
And other common methods like counting sheep, even deep breathing, have limited results. This course, Sleep Now is about creating the most dependable healthy, sleep strategy too date. It’s by using a Sleep List. A sleep list is a list of sleep tactics, techniques and strategies you go down one by one until you sleep. I’ve created this course, because I’ve had sleep problems myself for years and this is the closest thing I’ve found to a real solution. I’m not a doctor or a sleep specialist, but I’m a journalist and a hypnotist and my speciality has been about getting to the crux of issues. And I believe Sleep Now offers the best possibly to well…sleep now. This course uses two powerful tactics to help you sleep. A Sleep Practice improvement strategy. 
You will learn how to simply improve habits that will help you sleep in the long term. Sleep Now Sleep List You will learn a set of sleep tactics that can help you fall asleep if you can’t sleep tonight. It combines the best tactics I’ve found to date including EFT, breathing techniques, and a hypnotic induction. There easy to learn, and you can do it yourself. I also intend this to be interactive and open so that people can add their own tactics and tips to create the most effective list. 
Sleep is solvable. I did. You can do it too. 
Sleep Now.
I am an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, hypnotist and Laughologist. When I realized I had sleep problems, I really wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. This course is the result.
What is the target audience?
Anyone with sleep problems who’s looking to fix them

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