Six Figure Seller By Jimmy D. Brown worth $20/month

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Six Figure Seller By Jimmy D. Brown worth $20/month

Six Figure Seller By Jimmy D. Brown worth $20/month

In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to turn your business into “quite the money-maker” (although, probably not a “multi-billion dollar business – sorry!). But I want to stress something before we dive into the main body of teaching. The surest way that I know of to make money selling information products is to provide content that enables other people to achieve their goals and reach their dreams.

In the quote above, Zig Ziglar expresses this quite nicely when he commented, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Walt Disney knew this secret as well. When he created a place where children and parents could delight together, money soon followed. And a lot of it.

Herein lies the foundation of your information business…
Everything I’m about to share with you needs to be built upon this premise. When you do the four things I’m going to suggest to you, they should be done with the intention of helping others get what they want. When that happens, you will get all you want. Money will follow. A lot of it.
Psychologists call this the “law of reciprocity”. The Bible refers to it as “reaping what you sow.” However you want to label it, the concept is the same: what you do for others not only benefits them, but it returns as a benefit to yourself.

With every information product I create, I always strive to create something that is loaded with benefit to the typical customer. That’s why I share so many details. And provide so many examples. And give so many tips. When you make your way through my information, I want you to “feel good” about me and my products. I know that the end result will be beneficial to us both.

Whether you sell to business people or parents or bodybuilders or educators or mechanics or whoever, do yourself a favor: help them get what they want. In doing so, you will automatically increase your business bottom line. That is, after all, the goal. Right?

With that foundation in mind, let’s look at four key components of a six-figure strategy for your information business.

If you have not yet reached the “six-figure” annual income level with your information business, then this should serve as a good primer to illustrate what is necessary for you to do so. If you are already beyond that level, then doing these things can add “another” $100,000 to your bottom line. Actually, the potential is much higher, but I don’t want to be too zealous.

Important: If you are not already selling information products online, this training is not recommended for you. Your first step is to create your own product. I recommend you begin with The Premium Product System at
Increase your market reach.

Reach is defined as “range of effective action, power, or capacity.” Said another way, it is the measurement of how far something is outstretched. When I say “market reach”, what I mean is this: you want to have your brand to permeate your market. You want saturation. You want as many prospects to know about the product(s) you are selling as possible.

If I were going to create a formula for this measurement, it would look like this…

Website Traffic
Opt-In List Size
Market Reach

That is to say, how much “reach” you have in your specific market is measured by how many visitors you receive to your website and how many subscribers you have on your email list. Just on sheer numbers alone, the larger your volume of traffic and the larger your list, the more money you will make.


All things equal, 10,000 website visitors will generate more profit for you than 1,000 website visitors. All things equal, 25,000 opt-in subscribers will generate more profit for you than 5,000 opt-in subscribers.

The important thing is to get more traffic to your website and more subscribers on your list in order to convert them into paying customers for your various offers. The more “market reach” you have, the more sales you’ll bring in just on the extra volume alone.

So, what’s your plan for this? How will you get more traffic to your website and get more subscribers on your list? Really, it comes down to website traffic. You should have an opt-in list available at your website so visitors can join. So, it’s really a matter of getting more people to your website so they can both join your list and buy your product.

How will you do this? While there are dozens upon dozens of ways to generate website traffic, let me save you some trouble by making a suggestion for you. I’ve been in this business for almost fourteen years and 99% of my traffic comes from one source. And it’s completely free.
Let me answer three questions that I know you are probably asking. If not, you will be soon. Those questions are…


What is “partner” traffic?
Partner traffic is website visitors that other people generate for you. That is, other people (AKA “partners”) send their best prospects and customers to you in exchange for a commission. Other people already have high-traffic websites and large lists. Instead of you working like crazy to build your own, you convince other people to send you what they already have in their possession.


Why should I focus on it?
There are many reasons why I believe partner traffic is the best traffic when used properly. Let me briefly mention two of them. First, it’s completely free. Yes, you are paying a commission (usually 50%) but the traffic costs you nothing. And don’t forget, YOU earn 50% yourself on every order generate through other people’s traffic. 50% of lots of traffic is much better than 100% of no traffic. Secondly, it helps you avoid having to learn all the latest strategies and software to do it yourself. It eliminates all kinds of learning curve, not to mention headaches as paramaters and terms of service change and force people to do things differently. You simply let other people learn the new stuff and send you traffic in the process!


How do I get it?
The first thing you need is an affiliate program. People will send you traffic, but usually only if there is a financial benefit to them. There are many options such as Clickbank, 2Checkout and JVzoo among others. Search for “setup an affiliate program” for details. If you use one of the previously mentioned services, setting things up is very easy as they handle almost everything for you. Once you have an affiliate program in place, there are lots of options for getting other people to promote your products for you. I’m going to share five of my current favorites…
Many bloggers allow “guest posts” at their blogs. That is, they allow outsiders to submit articles in varying lengths that they publish on their blog. At the conclusion of the post would be a brief reference to the author of the post, along with a link to their website. You could do nothing more than go on a “guest blog tour” (post to new blogs regularly, week after week) and generate lots of traffic. If those reading the blog like what you’ve written, there is a good chance they will click through and visit your site.
One of the more popular ways to generate traffic is through the use of webinars. A webinar is an online presentation whereby participants from different locations can see and hear the presenter. Sometimes they are allowed to ask questions. You can create a webinar where you present 45-90 minutes of content from the comfort of your home and have other partners promote it. In other words, your partners let people know about the webinar and convince them to register and join in to view it. During the presentation, you would promote your product and attendees would visit your website for more details.
Perhaps my favorite way to get a quick boost of traffic (and consequently, orders) is to hold an affiliate contest. That is, for a specified period of time, you track sales for orders generated by affiliate partners. You award prizes for the top sales generators. You can also randomly choose participating affiliates who might not have achieved top status for additional prizes. Affiliates often scramble to promote these events because they receive their normal commission plus these added bonuses. Another option is to create an incentive promotion. For example: Anyone who generates X number of sales during the next X days get X prize.
As the author of your product, you are also someone that can be the featured guest in an interview. There are a wide variety of formats for an interview ranging from guest blog posts to podcasts to webinars to video presentations and so forth. The idea is simple: your partner promotes the interview to get a lot of people tuning in for it. They then ask you questions related to your area of expertise. During the interview – usually towards the conclusion – they pitch your product. Those listening/reading/watching the interview are then encouraged to visit your site and buy. Many will.
Don’t want to set any of these things up yourself? Another option for “partner” traffic is to find and work with a “joint venture broker” or an “affiliate manager”. What this person does is setup guest blog tours, webinars, contests, interviews and other traffic generation strategies. In exchange, they get a percentage of your revenue. I worked with a wonderful affiliate manager (who is now quite successful in her own business – props to Nicole Dean!) for a few years and she did a fantastic job at getting “Jimmy D. Brown” out there in front of partners who sent me traffic.

Obviously, this is just a list of ideas to get you thinking. You will need to learn how to do one or more of these things in order to put the idea to work for you, but I hope you get how powerful “partner” traffic can be. Any of these five ideas can generate all the traffic you’ll need. You can choose one of these and allow it to be the ONLY source of traffic for the coming year and get a lot of it!

Before we move on, I want to emphasize something about each of these types of “partner” traffic. Do you see what each of them has in common?

Bottom line for this first component is this: you want more prospects.

Increase your conversion rate.

It’s one thing to get more traffic (or any traffic) to your website. It’s another thing to get that traffic to result in revenue. Said another way: it’s not enough to get people to your website, you need to get them to buy. You want prospects to turn into paying customers. Browsers to turn into buyers. That is, you need to increase your conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the relation of orders generated to the amount of visitors to your website. It is usually designated by a percentage of visitors who make a purchase. If 2 out of every 100 visitors to a specific page at your website purchase the offer showcased, then you have a 2% conversion rate for the offer on that page.

Conversion rate is one of those things that most people don’t pay too much attention to when they should be paying a lot of attention. Why? It’s simple…

Raising your conversion rate makes you more money from the exact same amount of traffic you receive!
Instead of 2 orders per 100 visitors you received 4 orders. That’s not just an increase of 2% in conversion rate, it’s a massive doubling of your orders. Imagine what that looks like as you get not just 100 visitors, but 100’s of thousands of visitors. That little bump in conversion adds up to a lot of money. A lot of money.

Now, there are numerous ways to boost your conversion. Some people have conversion dialed in like science. It’s an artform. They test and track every little detail so that their conversion rate is maxed out as high as it can be. There are comprehensive courses on the subject with hundreds of pages. There are software programs and services and coaching available. We’re not gonna get into all of that today. There just isn’t time.

There are three basic ways to boost your conversion that I’m going to mention briefly for you to research further on your own. Then, I’m going to give you a bit more information about one of them, my favorite one.

Conversion basically depends upon three things: who visits your website, what frame of mind they are in when they arrive at your website, and what they see when they arrive at your website. Each of these three factors are, to a great degree, under your control. >

There are three things you can do to increase your conversion rate based on the previously mentioned factors…

Generate better traffic.

The origin of your traffic is critical. Who it is that arrives at your website is important. The better quality traffic, the better your conversion. End of discussion. Let me offer a few suggestions on improving your source of traffic…

It must be

If you are selling a product for bodybuilders, you’d be better off advertising to the muscle and fitness crowd than you would to the knitting and crocheting crowd. You may be able to convince a few knitters to visit your site, but they are infinitely less likely to buy from you than someone who has a pre-existing interest in the subject matter of the product you sell. It is absolutely mandatory that your traffic be targeted.

It should be

While not “mandatory”, it is certainly preferable that your traffic also arrive qualified to purchase. If you are selling a product that is for “advanced” clientele, then your conversion will be higher if you screen out beginners. If you are selling a high-priced product, then your conversion will be higher if you screen out those with limited or no budget. If you are selling a product for women only, conversion will be higher if you screen out men. Who is your ideal customer? That is who you want to attract most if possible.

It can be

Personally, I consider this “close” to being mandatory. That is, if at all possible, you want prospects to arrive at your website having been recommended to you by someone else. When someone endorses you, it instills customer confidence. If they trust the opinion of the referrer, then by proxy, they trust you and your product since it was referred to them by a trusted source. The more you can get other people to send you their targeted, qualified prospects, the better!

So, how do you get such traffic? The solution is simple: use the “partner” traffic suggestions that I gave you earlier in this training. πŸ™‚ It meets all three criteria in addition to the numerous reasons I mentioned previously.


Presell with free content.

free contentWhat frame of mind the prospect is in when they arrive at your website is important. The “warmer” they are, the better. Restaurants make the most money when people are hungry, right? No hunger = no cheeseburgers being sold. Said simply, you want those visitors to arrive at your website hungry. Already warmed up to your offer. Already interested. In fact, to some degree, anxious to actually buy it.

This happens most effectively when you (or a partner) “presells” the prospect. In the green box below, I’m including an excerpt from one of my courses where I teach how to “presell” customers. In this excerpt, I reveal a method of preselling that I’ve been using for well over 10 years. Go ahead and read this and then we’ll pick back up below…

Each month’s training includes…


Approximately forty-five minutes of training. Each of the four monthly installs includes a video training presentation that is approximately forty-five minutes long. This is a downloadable video that you can watch on your computer anytime – no need to be connected to the Internet or watch from inside a member’s area. The video is yours to view anytime, anywhere.

Alternate formats. You will also receive a word-by-word transcript of the training presentation delivered in .pdf format. You can read it on your computer, tablet or phone. Or print it out to highlight and take notes. Additionally, there is an included .mp3 audio version of the training in case you want to listen to it on your mp3 player while exercising or in your vehicle while in commute.

Customized accessories. Each month will also include an “extra” that will enhance the training or give you a different option for completion. You will find that these are actually as valuable as the main training itself – in some cases MORE valuable! I am widely known for overdelivering, so you know these will be good. And, as I am also known for, these accesories are “relevant” and not just thrown in to raise perceived value.

The training itself is in my typical style – which is to say, it’s “darn good”. πŸ™‚ Seriously, if you have purchased any of my products in the past, then this training is typical of what I do. Or, if you’re new to the world of Jimmy D. Brown, then the tutorial you’ve been reading is typical.

Here is what you can expect in these training sessions…

Lots of ideas and examples.One thing I really like to do is share examples so you really “get it”. Examples really bring clarity to training. They let you know what the information looks like in real life. You’ll find a lot of these in each training. Plus an abundance of ideas – thoughts, variations, tweaks, options and so forth to really put the training to work for you.

On target strategies.Each of these training sessions ties directly into the four components of earning an extra $100,000 with information products. These aren’t “also do this” ideas, but rather are core strategies that are at the heart of how to do the things we’ve talked about in the tutorial.

Workable plan – I’ve chosen a path for you.As you learned in the tutorial, there are many potential strategies that you can use. I’ve narrowed things down for you. Nothing for you to pick from, just universal strategies that work for every information products business. One path. One way. You don’t need to figure out the moving parts, I’ve done this for you.

This is stuff you can put into practice immediately!

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