Simon Dolan – How To Make Millions Without A Degree

Simon Dolan - How To Make Millions Without A Degree

Name Product: How To Make Millions Without A Degree
Author: Simon Dolan
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‘How To Make Millions Without A Degree’ proves Simon Dolan has achieved a lot in his life, so much so, his business empire is still growing. From starting SJD Accountancy from the ground up to forming Jota Sport and The Drivers Club (offering private, high performance driver training and driving events), Simon continues to be successful.

These are just some of the companies that have helped Simon build his £100 million empire, but it was by no means an ‘overnight’ success.
Simon Dolan’s entrepreneurial tendencies were realised early and has seen Simon taking on countless jobs picking up valuable ‘life lessons’ along the way. But one thing has always been present: determination. Throughout ‘How To Make Millions Without A Degree’ you will see how Simon Dolan has always worked hard and how he identified a niche market that allowed him to start the SJD Accountancy business.
Detailing Dolan’s early life, from selling cheese and eggs, a photocopier salesman, to actually building the foundations for the multi-million pound SJD Accountancy, ‘How to Make Millions Without A Degree’ gives you the confidence and understanding to start your own empire. Simon Dolan is a serial entrepreneur and looks into what an entrepreneur is, tips on how to run your business and an insight as to how he made his pennies into millions.
‘How To Make Millions Without A Degree’ details how other entrepreneurs like Simon
have made it without a degree. Richard Branson, Sir Philip Green, Stephen Marks and more prove becoming a millionaire is achievable, even without a degree.
A great insight into one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, ‘How To Make Millions Without A Degree’ is a must read for business owners or anyone dreaming of success.
About the Author: Simon Dolan
Twitter Dragon Simon Dolan’s business empire encompasses aviation, motor racing, publishing, recruitment, and lifestyle products. There is also a branch of his accountancy firm, SJD Accountancy, in every major UK town and city. His fortune was recently placed at £100 million.
Dolan gained his first entrepreneurial experience at the age of 13, buying and selling scratch cards in the school playground.
He took an early morning paper round, before gaining a part time job at his local market on the cheese and egg stall. There, the young entrepreneur learned that running your own business takes hard work and dedication, but that the rewards are there for the taking.
His inquisitive and questioning nature led to clashes with authority figures at school and Simon was asked to leave at the age of 16. There followed a period spent trying to break into the music business, before eventually joining a firm of accountants.
After leaving this role, Dolan spent several years trying out different jobs, until he found himself aged 23, unemployed and living off credit cards.
When the money and credit ran out, he was racking his brains for ways to make money and spent his last £10 placing an advert in the local newspaper offering to complete people’s end of year accounts. Three weeks passed before he received a call and SJD Accountancy was born.
Away from the office, Simon Dolan is a former kickboxing title holder and current motor racing champion with his team Aston Martin Jota Sport.

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