Silva Mind Body Healing Program

Silva Mind Body Healing Program
[center]Silva Mind Body Healing Program
[b]Silva Mind Body Healing Program[/b] Name Product: Silva Mind Body Healing Program
COST: $187
Author: Jose Silva
Size: 1.6GB
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Unleashing The Power Of Your Mind For A Healthy MindBody & Soul
With Silva Mind Body Healing You Too Can Learn How To Activate Your Minds Natural Healing Mechanismsand Start Improving Your Overall Health and Wellbeing.

Silva Mind Body Healing is mind control and self development program. The course is based on the original Silva method of mind control, developed by Jose Silva and completed by his daughter Laura Silva. Silva Mind Body Healing combines meditation with scientifically proven visualization and imagination techniques that helps you activate your mind’s natural healing ability and accelerating the process of physical and emotional healing from within. You can use this program to overcome physical illness or pain, melt away debilitating stress, fix a situation that’s affecting your enjoyment of life, or even to simply boost your overall health and wellbeing

* 11 Audio Discs of Silva Mind Body Healing Home Study Course
* 60 day Money Back Guarantee
Disc 1 Do You Know The 10 Crucial Steps To Perfect Health?
Disc 2 4 Little-Known Techniques For Holistic Healing
Disc 3 The Real Culprit Behind Sickness
Disc 4 Road To Perfect Health = Removing Energy Blockages + Repairing Belief Systems
Disc 5 Advanced Techniques For Health And Happiness
Disc 6 The Overlooked Truth About Perceptions (And How They Affect Your Life)
Disc 7 Liberate Yourself With The Awareness Effect
Disc 8 The Keys To Flawless ImageryVisualization & Intuition
Disc 9 Unleash A Sea Of Positivity Into Your Life
Disc 10 The 90/10 Rule And Other Fascinating Dietary Revelations
Disc 11 More Than Meets The Eye
FREE BONUS #1: Holistic Healing With Laura Silva
FREE BONUS #2: The Healing Touch With Isabel Silva
FREE BONUS #3: Silvas Most Wanted Healing
FREE BONUS #4: The Key To Remote Healing

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