SEO Method 3.0

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SEO Method 3.0

SEO Method 3.0

Here’s what you’ll get with SEO Method 3 …

Professional recordings from the one day workshop in the Philippines ($300 value)
All the downloadables – videos, mp3s, transcripts, session slides & more

Pre-training & grounding material:

The State of Search Webinar ($50 value)
Advanced Keyword Research Webinar & Spreadsheet ($100 value)
The SEO Method 2.0 workshop recordings ($300 value)


150 Point Website Penguin & Panda Site Audit ($200 value)
Dave’s Outsourcing Secrets Presentation
The SEO Method 1 – original recordings ($100 value)

But what’s in the course? Here are a few of the topics covered:

Session 1. How to choose the right business model to position yourself for long-term success – get this wrong and you’ll sabotage yourself every time. (29:10)
Session 2. Unlock the secrets to market and keyword research – finding the right niche, and clients who are ready to buy your products and services, has never been easier. (53:38)
Session 3. Discover the exact SEO system we use to slaughter the competition – putting you on top of the search engines and keep you there. (1:42:06)
Session 4. Learn how we use Web 2.0 properties, linking them together and automatically dominating any market we move into – these are cutting edge strategies to help you maintain market leadership. (36:53)
Session 5. How to use the fastest growing online marketing tool available today: web video – follow our simple system and you’ll drive more highly qualified traffic than you ever thought possible. (49:05)
Session 6. Landing page optimisation explained: discover the easy to implement strategies we use to double, triple and even x10 any website’s conversion rates – increasing your bottom line profits has never been quicker. (41:35)
Session 7. The magic of outsourcing and why creating a virtual team is critical to winning at business online – discover our complete system for hiring only “A players” saving you both time and money (1:00:27)
Session 8. Time management tips guaranteed to help you get more done with less – how much would it be worth to you to gain back 1-2 extra hours every day? (18:34)

And in the second part of the workshop…

Session 2.1. How the search industry has changed and what is the new mindset required to win. It’s critical you understand the game has changed! (30:32)
Session 2.2. What’s new in the zoo. Understand Google’s latest algorithm changes and why you must evolve. (1:06:54)
Session 2.3. The SEO Method 3: The exact system we use at Melbourne SEO Services to rank our website, and clients websites, #1 on Google. Includes the Content Contagion system! (1:32:31)
Session 2.4. How to dominate competitive industries using the *new* blog network design method. Blog networks aren’t what they used to be! (1:12:32)
Session 2.5. Our step-by-step 150 point website audit checklist – every website should go through this checklist! (45:25)
Session 2.6. Discover the system we use to attract, convert and keep our biggest clients. From expert positioning to SEO reporting. (38:23)
Session 2.7. Follow The King Maker Method outlined in this session and you’ll dominate any industry you enter. More than SEO, you will know how to become a market leader in your chosen field. (1:14:40)

And that’s just the start. In total there’s over 16 hours of content and that’s not including the bonus section. In this course, David Jenyns explains everything he knows about SEO and the methods he uses to rank websites #1 on Google.

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