Selenium WebDriver with Python – Basics to Intermediate

Selenium WebDriver with Python – Basics to Intermediate

Selenium WebDriver with Python – Basics to Intermediate

Selenium WebDriver with Python – Basics to Intermediate

Name Product: Selenium WebDriver with Python – Basics to Intermediate
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Author: Gabiste Akoua

Learn step by step how to automate web applications using selenium webdriver with an easy to learn programming language.

Take this course and develop solid selenium tests quickly using a scripting language like Python.

This course covers:

Selenium installation on several platforms (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu)
Locating elements on a web page using XPATH, CSS SELECTORS etc.
The Selenium Webdriver Python API
Organizing and refactoring your selenium tests code
Implementing Page Objects and UI Mapping in order to make your selenium code maintainable.
Collecting selenium tests automatically using Nose so that you don’t have to create manual test suite files.
Distributing Selenium Tests using Selenium Grid
The best practices when writing selenium tests

All concepts are explained using hands-on examples. You will apply your skills on a real web app built especially for this course.

This course helped me get an interview at Harvard University.
I have been trying to learn Selenium for ages, but I just wasn’t getting it. Then I took a Python course, followed by this course. It was such fun! Because of this course, I was able to upload some coding samples navigating to my Github account, where I was navigating to the login screen and signing in using a test account I created.

The IT people at Harvard University liked it so much they are giving me an interview for a junior automated testing role. I would not be able to have been eligible without this course.


T.J. Maher
As title says Basics to Intermediate, it covers all

Very Good course, It covers everything from basic setup to best practices of writing solid tests. Best part is the use of unittest and nosetests which is very much required if we have lot of test cases to execute.

course will not only help beginners to start learning the basic concepts but will also help intermediates to understand best practices and managing test suites.

waiting for advanced section :)”


If you want to learn Selenium with Python Bindings, Take this Course

Awesome course by an extremely helpful and well-organized professor. Clear instructions, lots of good examples and exercises, thorough, logical. Can’t say enough good things. Gabiste is very helpful if you have any questions as well. Can’t recommend enough.


Matt Vaccaro

What are the requirements?

Environment: MAC OS X, Windows or Ubuntu Desktop. Most of the tutorial uses MAC OS X but you will still be able to follow using Windows or Ubuntu.
Mac OS X and Ubuntu users: A system with Python 2.7.x is required for this training. OS X Lion, OS X Mavericks, Ubuntu 12, 13 or 14 come with Python 2.7.x already pre-installed.
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome and/or Internet Explorer.
Be comfortable with the command line.
Basic knowledge of Python.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 81 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
By the end of this course, you will be able to build solid selenium automated tests using Selenium Webdriver Python API.
You will learn how to install selenium on different platforms (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux Ubuntu).
You will know how to locate web elements using XPATH or CSS Selectors.
You will learn how to apply actions (clicking an element, sending keys to an element, selecting an element from a drop-down list etc) to web elements.
You will learn how to queue selenium actions using ActionChains.
You will know how to organize your selenium tests code in packages and how to wrap selenium calls.
You will learn how to leverage concepts like Page Objects and UI Mapping in order to make your selenium tests code maintainable.
You will know how to use nose to collect selenium tests without the need of manually creating a test suite file.
You will learn how to distribute your selenium tests using Selenium Grid.
You will learn the best practices when writing your selenium tests.

What is the target audience?

QA Engineers and Developers

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