Secrets of Personal Mastery – L. Michael Hall, Ph.D (2002)

Secrets of Personal Mastery – L. Michael Hall, Ph.D (2002)

Secrets of Personal Mastery – L. Michael Hall, Ph.D (2002)

Design: Secrets of Personal Mastery takes you on a journey into the patterns that we use to introduce the Meta-States model in the 3-day APG training (Accessing Personal Genius). The design is to give you an experience of the power of Meta-States for finding and creating executive states of mind. This allows you to get to your “boss” and to take control of your states and experiences.
Benefits: Secrets of Personal Mastery enables you to access your executive levels and take charge of your mental-emotional programming. Use it to develop the higher frames of mind that will enable you to control your states, take effective action, access your personal genius, and be at your best. Secrets treats mind as an emergent process of our entire mind-body-emotion system and leads to one of the secrets:

It’s not what you think that controls your destiny and experiences, but how you think—your frames of mind.

To achieve personal mastery, this book coaches you through various thought
experiments that work with and upon your “executive” powers. As you engage these processes, you enter into the higher management of your own mind at all its levels. This prepares you for the ultimate development of excellence—accessing your personal genius. Ready for a journey? Ready to explore the higher structures that organize and govern the very basis of your life? Good.

Secrets of Personal Mastery takes you through a course that accesses and allows you to re-structure your—

mind and emotions
self-sabotaging frames
innate genius for personal and interpersonal development
passion for the excellence of expertise
languaging for empowering semantic states
mind-muscle connection for greater congruency
Style: Secrets of Personal Mastery is an introductory book to Meta-States. It is written with little of the specialized terminology and jargon of the Meta-States model as it applies Meta-States to the subject of mastery.

About L. Michael Hall, Ph.D :

Born: December 31, 1949. Master degree in clinical psychology, Regis University, Denver; Doctoral degree in cognitive-behavioral psychology, Union Institute University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

A cognitive-behavioral psychology who created the field of Neuro-Semantics from his work in the cognitive sciences, General Semantics, NLP, Cognitive Linguistics, and numerous other disciplines.

The International Society of Neuro-Semantics was co-founded with Dr. Bob Bodenhamer in 1996 and now has Institutes of Neuro-Semantics in 40 countries. The central website for Neuro-Semantics is

Dr. Hall studied with Richard Bandler and wrote two books for him as well as wrote two other books about Bandler, The Spirit of NLP and Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter. Neuro-Semantics takes NLP to a higher level focusing on the synergy of meaning and performance.

In 2002, Dr. Hall co-founded the Meta-Coaching Training System with Michelle Duval, a Master Coach in Sydney Australia. From that collaboration Dr. Hall has taken the work of Abraham Maslow to a new development with the book “Unleashed: A Guide to your Ultimate Self-Actualization” (2007).

Dr. Hall has published over 35 books on the subject of NLP from User’s Manual of the Brain, Volumes I and II, Figuring Out People, Sourcebook of Magic, Communication Magic, MovieMind, Mind-Lines, NLP Going Meta, Sub-Modalities Going Meta, Games Business Experts Play, Winning the Inner Game, etc. The publisher of most of these books is Crown House Publications (UK), also Meta Publications, Neuro-Semantic Publications.

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