Sean Rogers – Faux Ninja Essential Parkour Techniques

Sean Rogers - Faux Ninja Essential Parkour Techniques

Sean Rogers – Faux Ninja Essential Parkour Techniques

Sean Rogers
Parkour Instructor

Break free of the gym! Take charge of your fitness with Parkour.

Fitness should be fun.

Why drag yourself into a gym when you could learn something useful, say Parkour, and get fit in the process? You can practice anywhere and all you need to get started is yourself (a decent pair of shoes does help though). The best part? Parkour can change your workouts into play. After all, fitness should be something you can enjoy. Plus, Parkour is as much mental as it is physical. Parkour training improves confidence, mental toughness, and helps you turn obstacles into opportunities.

So wait? What is Parkour? Parkour (also often called freerunning) is the art of efficiently navigating your environment using only your body. In otherwords it’s about overcoming any obstacles in your path with fluidity, safety, and speed; whether you’re using Parkour to catch a bus, in an emergency, or just because it’s too much fun not to.

The ideal situation to learn Parkour is directly from an instructor. Got one? Awesome! If not, this course was created specifically with you in mind. All the information (and then some) necessary to get started on your Parkour journey is in here. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in the course:
•A 3.5 week course structured to teach you, from the ground up, how to practice Parkour. The course covers the absolute essential movements that you’ll find yourself using in 95% of situations.
•Each movement is broken down step by step, so you can start where you are comfortable and improve from there.
•Each day ends with some physical conditioning where you can apply the skills you learned in more physically challenging situations. None of that burpees or pushups until you collapse stuff.
•Extra lectures are included about training concepts that you can apply to train smart and stay safe, while still making solid progress.
•Free access to all updates and additions to the course.

Parkour is an individual and non-competitive art. Anyone can practice it, regardless of fitness level, because it’s about learning how your body moves and using it to navigate through your world. It doesn’t matter where you start, the only worthwhile comparison in Parkour is between how you moved yesterday and how you move today.

Is it safe? As with any physical activity there is always some risk of injury. Because you’ll be dealing with the hard surfaces of urban environments some scrapes and bruises will happen, but serious injuries in Parkour are rare. Progress gradually and at your own pace and Parkour will be safer than any contact sport you can name.

Ready to make your workout something to look forward to and experience the joys of movement? Jump in!

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