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Sean Mize – WSOOTD – WSO of the Day Formula

Sean Mize – WSOOTD – WSO of the Day Formula

COST: $7,67
Author: Sean Mize
Size: 11.34 MB

WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer and they are like crack to internet marketers. Usually less than $20 with the promise of riches beyond your imagination. It is a jaded marketplace and you really have to deliver value or get booed off the stage. I’m showing you this because Mize has set up a neat little production line where he analyzes the market, creates a product(s), and sets up the pitch to sell the product all the time making sure his product and his marketing have the markers to insure a successful launch. All on an impressive schedule. Mastering this skill could be a great calling card for your offline and or online customers. Many high-end marketers have used WSO’s as a way acquire customers that they then move up their product line.

Discover the 4 keys to getting WSO of the day again and again like clockwork.

You are going to learn:
The 3 keys you must have in place to get WSO of the day repeatedly.
The exact key for getting WSOOTD time after time after time.
Exactly how to double your EPC on every WSO you do.
How to determine which products work best for WSOOTD.
My own personal WSOOTD sales letter formula.
And much more

But I’ve cracked the code, and in fact, 5 of my last 5 WSOS have gotten WSOOTD!

I believe I can predict – within 24 hours of the launch, and with a 95% confidence level, that a wso will or will not get WSOOTD based on these markers.

It’s sometimes fun to look at the last 3-5 days of wsos on the w+ dashboard and GUESS which are going to be WSOOTD – and I believe I’m about 90% accurate there, as well.

Here’s the thing, there’s a very specific 3- key system that will practically guarantee you WSOOTD for each WSO you run that has these 3 things happen. There’s one more [key] that I believe boosts your chances, but I can’t prove it.

The good news is, I have just created a BRAND NEW WSOOTD Formula Training that will teach you the EXACT 4 Keys I Personally Use to Get WSOOTD time and time again!

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