Scrivener | Everything you Need to Know from Idea to Launch

Scrivener | Everything you Need to Know from Idea to Launch

Scrivener | Everything you Need to Know from Idea to Launch

Scrivener | Everything you Need to Know from Idea to Launch

Name Product: Scrivener | Everything you Need to Know from Idea to Launch
Size: 1.4 GB
COST: $97= Your Free
Author: Karen Prince

Although this course is very thorough it’s not that hard — In only four hours you could be using Scrivener like a pro.

Imagine if you could use Scrivener writing software like a seasoned professional, knowing the keyboard shortcuts, what the tools on the toolbar do; flying through the application and creating amazing books, screenplays, blog posts and other creative projects without being distracted by having to look up how to use a feature every time you want to use it.

In the back of your mind you know that the Scrivener software you bought is going to simplify your writing process and help you become more productive. You have heard about the cool split screen views, virtual cork boards and the collections feature where you can process all instances of a document at once even though you have it in several different collections.

But best of all you’ve heard that you can export your content to multiple platforms without having to change the original draft document! Imagine the time you are going to save. Not to mention that if you can format your own work for export you will no longer be held hostage to the whims and schedules of formatting and IT people.

The problem is, before you can do all that, you have to learn how to use the Scrivener software.

If you are a visual learner like me, the quickest way to learn is to watch a step by step video of how the software works, with plenty of examples, where the regions of the interface are instantly recognizable and arrows point directly at the buttons mentioned in the transcript.

What are the requirements?
– Students need to have downloaded Scrivener writing software either on Windows or Mac.

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 40 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
– How to open a project and customize your workspaces.
– Toggle between normal Text Editing Mode, Cork Board Mode and Outlining Mode and how to use each of them as well as how to use the distraction free Full Screen Mode.
– Split your screen to have two documents or two versions of the same document open at once.
– Manage your files and folders, whether you are starting from scratch in Scrivener or want to import your content from another writing application pre-sorted into chapters or sections.
– Make use of Scrivener’s editing tools like collections and snapshots (which takes a snap shot of the current state of a document so that you can revert to it if you don’t like your subsequent edits).
– Compile your work for export to your agent, as a paperback or as an eBook.
– How to download some tools so that you can preview your content before you send it out.
– Customize your visual preferences for the user interface as well as the cork board feature
– Import from a mind map application
– Keep track of tasks via the comments, notes and annotations features in the inspector
– Back up and sync to Dropbox and work directly from Dropbox if you want to switch between computers

What is the target audience?
– Anyone wishing to learn how to use Scrivener writing software to write:
– A novel or a series, non fiction books, a dissertation or a research proposal
– Any kind of transcript for movies, gaming development or even their own videos that they plan to use here on Udemy or share to social media sites
– And of course anyone gathering research and writing a blog
– Also useful for Internet Marketers who want to organize their whole campaign from sales letters to scheduled emails

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