Sara Dean – SuperMom Fat Loss System

Sara Dean - SuperMom Fat Loss System

Sara Dean - SuperMom Fat Loss System

Sara Dean – SuperMom Fat Loss System

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The Complete 5 Week SuperMom Fast Fat Loss System

Component 1: Hormone Syncing Diet Manual
This is where the magic happens! Nutrition impacts up to 80% of your fat loss results. The Hormone Syncing Diet Guide is designed to rev your fat fighting hormones into hyper-drive. This guide layouts it all out for you: what to eat, when to eat it (yes, you should eat carbs at a certain time of day), detailed fat loss foods lists, charts, tables, FAQs, and more. The Hormone Syncing Diet alone is valued at $197

Component 2: Less Time More Burn Training Guide
The Less Time More Burn Workout Guide is exactly that – a detailed plan on how to burn up to 9x more fat about 20 minutes a day. No longer will you have to spend countless, boring, wasteful hours in the gym for minimal results. This plan lays out your detailed workout plan, day-by-day and week-by-week to help you achieve a SuperMom body in the fastest time possible.

The Less Time More Burn Training Guide is your roadmap to fitness success.

4 SuperMom Follow-Along Strength Workouts
This 4-part-set of our workouts series utilizes our patented Dynamic Muscle Activation Method to call upon your fat burning machinery (aka muscles) during every minute of your workout. In each workout, you will train with Sara Dean and two other SuperMoms who have used Sara’s workouts to reach their fitness goals. Each full length, follow-along workout is chock full of fun, challenging and effective exercises, combined in the best way to help you build lean, sexy SuperMom muscles – and all within a 20 minute workout.

4 SuperMom Follow-Along Interval Cardio Workouts
This is the SuperMom answer to never having to ever spend another minute doing cardio ever again! Each full length, follow-along workout in this 4-part-set is guaranteed to ignite your after-burn mechanism and rev up your metabolism by over 243% while at rest. Studies show, time after time, that nothing burns fat as effectively as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and here you’ll get 4 of the best Fat Burning Interval Workouts on the market today. In these workouts, you will sweat it out with Sara Dean and other SuperMoms who have used interval training for massive fat loss.

60 minute Yoga and 30 minutes Pilates Workouts
When we set out to create the most complete mom-friendly fitness program around, we knew there had to be a yoga and pilates component. That’s why we hired our favorite instructor, Katelyn. In Katelyn’s follow-along workout, she guides you through a 60 minute Yoga session designed to lengthen and show off your lean muscle, increase your flexibility, and free your mind from daily stress and worries. In her 30 minute follow-along Pilates workout, Katelyn challenges your core and flexibility simultaneously. In each workout, you will work with Katelyn and other SuperMoms to lengthen your muscles and find your inner om.

Success Mindset & Motivation Manual
One of the most common questions we hear from the hundreds of mom’s in our program is “how do I stay motivated?” We’ve created the Success Mindset & Motivation Manual to help you develop a goal focused and purpose-driven success mindset so you awake each morning ready and excited to tackle your day. In this manual, Sara tells you personal stories that inspire her to exercise each day. She also polls other SuperMoms on how they stay inspired to live a fit life. This manual provides you with over 100 reasons to be your best everyday.

SuperMom Success Journal
Research shows that those that keep a fitness journal are more successful and compliant than those that don’t. Writing it down = better results, plain and simple. The SuperMom Success Journal will help keep you accountable and get you in the habit of tracking the most important aspects of your program, so you can see real results, FAST. This journal will also help you identify loopholes in your system and how you can tighten the reigns (while still enjoying life) for faster fat loss. You will also track your results here – that’s the FUN part!

SuperMom Recipes
We know how boring and mundane diets can be for you and your family. That’s why Sara is sharing over 60 of her favorite fat loss recipes. Note: Sara is not much of a cook, shhh, don’t tell her we told you. . . So, these recipes are fast, easy and DELISH! In fact, these are the recipes that helped Sara’s SuperMoms lose over 1.000 pounds last year. Oh, did we mention, your family will love them as well?!

Jump Start Checklist
We’ve created this Jumpstart checklist to get you up and running and on your way to seeing results ASAP. We know your motivation is running high right now and we want you to get started TODAY! This manual gives you a checklist of everything you can do today to get started.

SuperMom Supplement Guide
Do you know which supplements YOU should be taking? We are huge skeptics when it comes to supplements, so we will only deliver the brutal truth here. No hype. Fat-burners? Protein powders? Vitamins? Etc? This supplement guide will breakdown the pro’s and con’s of the most popular nutritional supplements on the market and the 4 supplements you absolutely NEED to start taking today to increase your fat-burning potential by 143%.

Secrets of Real Life SuperMoms
Get an in-depth peek into the lives of 13 real life SuperMoms who overcame struggles to transform their bodies. The moms in this “tell all” report share their best tips and tricks of the trade as well as how they overcame some of the most common hiccups you’re probably experiencing right now. Warning: you may need tissue to get through these stories.

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