Sanford Meisner – Master Class DVD

Sanford Meisner – Master Class DVD

Sanford Meisner – Master Class DVD

Sanford Meisner – Master Class DVD

Size: 2.04 GB
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8 hours of acting instruction on 2 DVDs.

Oh, and don’t complain about his voice. It has nothing to do with the compression or what so ever. Looks like he had some health issures…

Edited unter the supervision of the Meisner Estate, these DVDs encapsulate Meisner’s 1980 Master class into eight hours and provide rare insight into his increasingly popular acting style. Essential viewing for film, tv, and theater actors and directors, these DVDs also offer artists of all disciplines the opportunity to learn from a master who is now considered one of the most important teachers of the 20th century.

This is the “letter” included with the DVDs:

In 1978, Kent Paul as President of the Neighborhood Playhouse Repertory Theatre proposed the brilliant idea of filming Sanford Meisner’s classes in conjunction with Sydney Pollack as director. When “Sandy” was first presented with this project, he was dead set agains it.
I remember asking him why. And he simply answered, “You don’t learn to act by looking or reading something, this is impossible. You learn to act by doing and preferably on stage and in front of an audience. All I can give you are exercises to help you when you are having trouble doing it. I do not teach how to act, acting does that.
Reflecting on acting and on life, Sandy’s words speaks for themselves:

“Remember acting is the doing and here are a few of the do’s and don’t’s:

– Always be specific.

– Every little moment has meaning all its own.

– Stay in the moment.

– Live fully – moment to moment- that is reality.

– Listen, observe, really look and concentrate.

– Don’t do anything until something happens to make you do it.

– Act before you think – your instincts are more honest than your thoughts.

– There is no such thing as genial charm.

– On ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words.

– There is no such thing as nothing.

– Silence can say a lot – it can also cover a magnitude of sins.

– Don’t take anything for granted

– My favorite from Goethe:
“I wish the stage were as narrow as a tight rope so that no incompetent would dare to walk on it.”

– My treasure from Shaw in reference to Duse:
“Behind every broad stroke there was a human idea.”

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