S.O.S. —> Stressfree Outsourcing System

S.O.S. ---> Stressfree Outsourcing System

S.O.S. ---> Stressfree Outsourcing System

S.O.S. —> Stressfree Outsourcing System

Stop Working So Dang Hard, Get MASSIVE Results instead!

Discover How I Built a Multi-Million Dollar Outsourcing Business From My Laptop, How To Create a Wealth and Freedom Delegation Plan, The Outsourcing Secrets of the Guru’s, and Much More…

I created the ‘Stressfree Outsourcing System’ to help people get started with Outsourcing, and to super charge their business to create their new wealth and freedom lifestyle. This is a must have system for anyone considering outsourcing, feeling overwhelmed, needing to improve their marketing… Watch This>>>

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,
We live in a new global economy, absolute wealth models are being replaced by new more liberating relative wealth models. We are experiencing a shift from basic greed driven financial models to value driven models. A return to family values, social communities and personal growth.
I have lived and still enjoy the ‘New Wealth and Freedom Lifestyle’ and I wanted to create a powerful yet practical program to help others achieve their new wealth and freedom lifestyle. I want to teach you a practical, proven approach to turning your passion into prosperity, how to work smart, have more time for yourself and your family, achieve financial freedom, create a competitive edge, and best of all, have it done for you.
The ‘Stressfree Outsourcing System’ gives you a step by step approach to creating a ‘Delegation and Outsourcing’ plan. In addition I interview several Guru’s who explain who they use Virtual Assistants to make millions of dollars every year. a detailed account of how I started 123Employee, how we manage the operations, how we help people create delegation and marketing plans.

Cut Your Expenses By 50% And Increase Your Sales Or GO OUT OF BUSINESS.
And You Know That You Can’t Do It All Yourself!

The information I am going to share WILL change your life, the package that I have put together is unlike anything that has been offered before. Before we get to that let me share my story, so you can relate to where I am coming from…

I’ve been labeled by the press, ‘super entrepreneur.’ I’m not sure about super, but I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a very early age. I’ve been self employed since I was 15.
During those years I was in the fashion business designing clothing for some of the biggest bands of the 80’s and 90’s.

I founded and sold a telecommunications company to a large public firm.

I was a pioneer of the electronic music scene and was the biggest event promoter in the nation throwing events for 15 to 20,000 people a night.

I’ve Seen And Done It All.

I was able to create an amazing lifestyle for myself. I’ve met and worked with fascinating people and travelled extensively all over the world, often running my businesses virtually, and that’s how I got into outsourcing.

I know what it’s like because I was once just like you. I desperately searched for a way out. I was running myself into the ground, averaging 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. And I had nothing to show for it. I was simply working my life away to pay my debts. The lessons I learned turned my life and my business around within weeks! In a minute, I’m going to share with you a valuable resource and show you how to turn your life and your business around.

But, before I do that, I want to give you a little background on how I cut my costs in half, freed up my time and took my business to the next level.

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way To Do Business…. And I Found It!

You see, several years ago, I was one of the first people to look at overseas outsourcing as a solution to my ever increasing overhead. I wasn’t planning to get into outsourcing at all. As a matter of fact my only experience with outsourcing at the time was ‘Babak’ my support person in India that helped me when my computer was on the blink. At the time I had a business that was doing well, but I knew it was time to take it to the next level. The challenge that I was facing was that I was doing everything myself, from the bookkeeping (which I absolutely hate) to the sales and support calls, article posting and website updating, I was going nuts! Yes, I was making a living. But at what cost? I rarely saw my girlfriend, my friends thought I had died, because they never saw me. I worked day and night and most weekends. I was making some money. But does it really matter if you have no time to enjoy it? I knew I needed help, but I also knew that if I hired full time help that it would eat all my profit. Can you relate? I also knew that the next step in our evolution was to open a sales floor. I wanted to originally hire 10 new sales people and then another 20 shortly thereafter.

I took an ad out on Craigslist. I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach it. Was I going to hire a virtual assistants on an hourly or commission basis? I didn’t really know. All I knew was that I needed skilled, reliable, help and I was praying that I could find them for minimum wage or less (good luck right?). Needless to say I received many submissions from Craigslist. The bids were in the $10-$30 an hour range. This wasn’t going to work for me.
Then I received an email from a guy overseas. He had a small company with around 10 employees. He said they had many people that already knew how to do what I needed. They said that their outsourced employees had at least some college, very light accents and that all I had to do was train them in my specific needs and that I would be up and running!

I have to tell you I knew nothing about outsourcing. It wasn’t a household word like it is today. As a matter of fact the only companies that were really experimenting with it were the big companies like Linksys, Netgear and American Express. But I had a friend, ‘Timmy.’ Timmy is one of my best friends. He’ s also one of the brightest guys I know. Timmy is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology etc. And Timmy had a VA. This was early in the game. Timmy was having some infrastructure challenges, but overall he was happy. Now, some of my biggest money making ideas have come from Timmy. If it was good enough for Timmy, it was definitely worth a shot.

I Decided To Take The Plunge

The owner of the company arranged for me to interview a few candidates on the phone and hired my first outsourced virtual assistant. And he was great for the 2 days that he was with me and then I lost my rep to another firm. And that was my first experience outsourcing. But hey I realize that as entrepreneurs we have to remain flexible in our approach and sometimes you have to kiss a couple frogs before you find your princess, so I decided do give it another shot.

I went back to the interviewing table. I’ll never forget that set of interviews. The first interview was with a young guy. I could barely hear him on the phone, he was so shy and timid. He would never be able to sell my services on the phone. The second young lady that I interviewed was so green on the phone and although she had a college degree, there was no way she would ever cut it!

The third person picked up the phone and in the biggest boldest voice you ever heard said, “GOOD AFTERNOON SIR, HOW ARE YOU TODAY? This guys sounded like an American. Honestly I couldn’t believe my ears. So I asked him, “Are you a Filipino or are you American?” He said in that remarkable voice, “SIR I’M A FILIPINO, I’VE LIVED HERE ALL MY LIFE.” I replied, ‘I have to ask you, how is that you sound so AMAZING?” He said, “SIR I’VE BEEN A DJ ON THE LOCAL RADIO STATION FOR THE LAST 3 AND A HALF YEARS.” I of course said, “You’re hired!” And I hired Ainsley. Ainsley was amazing for the 2 weeks that I had him and then I lost Ainsley. It seemed that no matter what I did I couldn’t get Ainsley to show up for work. This was very disheartening.

I Knew This Was NOT Going To Work

I was done screwing around. Discouraged, I returned to the U.S. and went back to my original course of action, Craigslist and American help. But I just couldn’t get this idea of $5-6 an hour employees out of my head. Also, at this point I was even more excited about the prospect of them being overseas so that I could have the freedom of not having an office or in house employees.

So reluctantly I decided to give it one more final shot. This time I decided to slow down a bit and map out a plan. I knew that an overseas strategy could be profitable. The big companies were doing it very successfully. I researched and did my due diligence and in no time at all I was hiring qualified marketers, designers and back office help. They weren’t just qualified, they were skilled! They knew how to do the stuff that I didn’t even know how to do yet. You know, all the social networking stuff, article writing, posting etc. I don’t know about you, but this stuff drives me nuts. But these guys already knew how to do it! It was like a dream come true. I was making more money than ever, but more than that I HAD TIME! That’s right,

I Got My Life Back And You Can Too.

So how did I figure out the magic key to hiring solid reliable help overseas? It really wasn’t that tough once I figured out the formula. I took everything I learned about navigating the waters of overseas outsourcing and created the most comprehensive, fool proof, workshop, home study system and outsourcing company to empower entrepreneurs to thrive and finally, once and for all, get their lives back.

I discovered how to make overseas outsourcing work for my business and in the process figured out how to make it work for our clients all over the globe.

Finally The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Do you wish you could spend more of your time doing what you love? Would you like to turn your passion into prosperity and create more time to play and pursue life’s adventures? Do you wish that once and for all you could master the art of using social media and internet marketing to build your business, and once you figured it all out have someone else do it for you?
Do you ever wish that you could be a fly on the wall at the most prestigious companies in the world and learn exactly how they make the big bucks and how their CEO’s are able to enjoy the amazing lifestyles that they have?
They’re not buried in emails, they don’t work 16 hour days and they enjoy quality time with their friends and families. Wouldn’t you like that lifestyle?
And finally if you’re a coach or consultant, or you don’t currently have a business, what would it be like to create an additional income stream or find the perfect turnkey business, one that could be done from anywhere in the world as long as you had a computer and internet connection, with a virtual staff that was pre-trained in your business and knew exactly what to do?
We want this for you, and that is why we created the ‘Stressfree Outsourcing System Package’

Introducing The
‘Stressfree Outsourcing System’

When you invest in the ‘Stressfree Outsourcing System’ or ‘SOS’ for short, you get immediate access to several years of Outsourcing insider secrets. Outsourcing is not as simple as posting an add online and hiring an overseas employee. Why do some people succeed and some fail, why are some people making millions some just getting by. The SOS system will help you create a plan to reduce overwhelm, improve quality of life, increase productivity and make more money. This comprehensive lifesaving home study program for entrepreneurs; that reveals the secrets of outsourcing your marketing, customer service, and back office tasks.

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