Rye Taylor – Podcast Essentials

Rye Taylor – Podcast Essentials

Rye Taylor – Podcast Essentials

Rye Taylor – Podcast Essentials

Size: 3.03 GB
COST: $47 = Your Free
Author: Rye Taylor

Information: Create real results with podcasting. The marketing method that spreads your voice, business and creativity worldwide.


A full time living through my podcasts and voiceover work
Hundreds of thousands of listeners
….with absolutely no skills or background in audio at the beginning

You can create a marketing revolution for yourself, or business with no prior experience in this field. Whether your goal is an income, a hobby, or a business. Podcast Essentials shows the the foundation for creating a podcast with excellence.

I will show you exactly what equipment you will need, where you can find it, and how to get the very best prices.

Based on my momentum in the podcasting industry and voiceover world. I can show you exactly what you need to learn and buy without that expensive learning curve I had to go through myself.

Whether you already have a Podcast or not, you can learn the Essentials that will take you much farther in your Podcasting Journey. It isn’t just about talking into a microphone or recording your buddies. Podcasting is a fine art. You have to craft the perfect podcast to attract new listeners, clients, and customers. But if you follow my step by step guide you will have the essentials for true success.


How to nail down a topic
Craft your Unique Story
All about Podcast branding and graphics
What format your podcast should use
The best places to find Voiceover artists for your introduction
All the pro tips on Podcast Equipment and what NOT to buy
Step by Step Mic Equipment Setup
Mic Techniques that will make your voice sound like honey or boom like thunder
Recording Tips Audio Editing from step 1 to done
… and much, much more!

You can have your own niche podcast running in a matter of weeks! Podcasting gives your voice to the world and skyrockets your marketing in ways you will never imagine. But only if done properly with Podcast Essentials at the core.

Anyone can talk into a microphone but only those who take the time for the essentials can make a living doing it.

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