Rye Taylor – Cashflow Podcasting Course


Rye Taylor – Cashflow Podcasting Course

Price: $997

Just For: $117

Buy Here:  http://offercourse.com/product/rye-taylor-cashflow-podcasting-course/
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Product Description:


Meet Our Clients

Ron Wilder

The Aligned Action Podcast

“Launching was a breeze with Ben and his team. From a strategy perspective, working with them clarified several criteria of how we position our service – that’s worth the price of admission on its own.”

Hilary Hendershott

Profit Boss Radio

“At every turn, they’ve offered best practices, lessons learned, professional feedback and generally been real pros to work with. This is one decision that, as a business owner, has truly had a huge ROI.”

David Saltzman

The ShiftShapers Podcast

“They built my first episode and helped me with all the creative aspects necessary to create a world class podcast. They have an incredible depth of expertise and are always there to answer my questions!”

PatFlynn“Starting a podcast has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my brand. Ever.”


Our Philosophy
This company was founded because of this question:
“I want to start a podcast, but I don’t have the time. How can I start a professional podcast without having to go through the traditional time-sucking process?”
It was asked by an entrepreneur, and it challenged us to find a way to solve his problem—to turn his concept into a podcast without him having to do all the unnecessary work.
So we developed a done-for-you podcasting solution where we plan, create and launch a podcast that plugs into your existing brand to generate leads, grow your audience and build your online authority.
You get to look and sound like a pro without weeks or months of research, and without the need to hire, train and manage a team to support your podcast.
I’m excited to share how our system works to serve you…

How Does The Podcast Launch Program Work?


The first step in working with us is a no-commitment phone call with a Podcast Consultant. Together, you will figure out two things:

1. Do you have a good podcast concept?

2. Does it makes sense for you to work with us?

We don’t work with everyone. We’re only able to take a certain number of new clients a month, and every podcast we create puts our reputation on the line, so we have to make sure we work with the best possible individuals and podcast concepts.
There are also many different ways to create a podcast, and our process is not right for everyone. Our Podcast Consultants are trained to help you find the best way forward to grow your impact on the world, even if it’s not with us or podcasting.


One of our Podcast Marketing Specialists will coordinate an Initial Strategy Call with you. On the call, we dig into the intension of the podcast, your personal goals and business objectives in order to create a clear strategic outline.
On this opening call, we flesh out the details of your show and discuss:
 → Your desired episode format and the components of an optimal podcast to achieve your goals
→ Your show’s branding elements like intro and outro scripts, music, artwork, voiceover options
→ A powerful Call To Action to turn listeners into engaged, hot leads
→ Content strategy, publishing schedule options and content marketing approach
Meet Our Podcast Marketing Specialists

RyeTaylorRye Taylor is the most seasoned podcasting vet on our team. He’s spent almost 15 years in podcasting and audio broadcasting, hosting multiple podcasts of his own as well. Rye is an absolute podcasting rockstar.

TinaDietzTina Dietz is a fourth generation entrepreneur who focuses on igniting others in their businesses, and has been podcasting to build hear ability to impact the masses. She’s an incredible strategist, and an even better project manager!



Your Podcast Marketing Specialist will take the information you shared on your call, your vision and our knowledge of what makes a wold-class podcast to craft your podcast’s branding elements.
We craft eye catching podcast artwork and a professional intro & outro with custom voiceover and audio branding to match your show’s tone.
We pride ourselves on getting the perfect music for your stand-out audio branding, writing up strong intro and outro scripts and getting voice samples from our voiceover artists for you to check out. You simply review what we work up, share any tweaks or updates you’d like to see and we’ll have it finalized and ready to rock in no time.


People often have lots of questions and concerns about making sure their content is absolutely superb, and with good reason. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Your Podcast Marketing Specialist will help you nail your first episodes by:

  1. Advising you on the perfect recording equipment for your unique situation
  2. Helping you get that equipment set up in your home or office via a live video call
  3. Assisting you live while recording your very first episode
  4. Share email templates, tools and resources for scheduling top-level guests
  5. Give you personal coaching on sounding like a pro when you hit record


Our team handles of all the technical setup of your podcast and we integrate it with your existing website. Don’t have a site yet? Just let us know.
If you don’t care HOW it happens, you can skip this part: If you do, our team creates an iTunes optimized RSS feed for your new podcast, sets up your podcast hosting and creates a blog-style podcast page on your website so your site visitors can easily find your show.
Our Producers professionally edit your first three podcast episodes, and write an engaging show notes post for each episode.  This ties into our highly effective podcast launch strategy in the next step.
Our team submits your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories so that your show has the proper time to be approved and listed for when you announce it to your audience and the world.


Your podcast goes live on your website, in iTunes and is published across the web to listeners everywhere. The first 8 weeks of a podcast are important to get traction, so we set you up with a customized Launch Plan based on our knowledge of what’s working right now for others.
Our approach actually leverages existing audiences in your market so you don’t need a list or big audience for this to work incredibly well.
In preparation for your launch, you’ll have an hour long call with your Podcast Marketing Specialist who will show you our strategy, exactly how, where and with whom to implement it to get the best results, and give you proven email templates, social media posts, and every promotional material you’ll need to launch a world-class show.


Our support doesn’t stop after your podcast launches. We also edit, produce and publish your future episodes for you.
You focus on recording content… WE DO THE REST!
Our Production Team ensures your episodes are edited, produced, have compelling written show notes (view an example here) and are scheduled to go live at the proper time with every new episode you record.
Meet Our Production Manager


Pavel Amelishko is our Production Manager and an absolute ace at making sure your episodes are produced, polished and published on time, every time. Highly responsive and reliable, Pavel is your go-to man for getting things done.

“In our very first weekend on iTunes, our podcast hit #1 in iTunes N&NW for Business. It was completely effortless from my perspective, and I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of the results.”


The Podcast Launch Program

··· $5,997 ···

This is our most popular package, and for most thought leaders, it’s the best solution.  We support you with a professional podcasting team that gets you all of this:

1. Podcast Creation

  • Strategic podcast planning and show outlining with an experienced podcast expert
  • Beautiful, eye-catching podcast artwork design by our in-house designer
  • Professional intros and outros with custom-fit voice talent and audio branding
  • Podcast hosting setup and RSS feed creation and optimization
  • An attractive, blog-style podcast page integrated with your website
  • Your first three episodes edited, with written show notes and published (see 4)

2. Personal Coaching And Guidance

  • Guidance on the perfect recording equipment, tools and resources needed
  • Coaching on being a great host, and how to sound like a pro when you hit record
  • A podcast review after your show launches to ensure you’re on the right track
  • Full support to answer all strategy, tech, equipment and podcast marketing questions

3. Podcast Launch And Marketing

  • Submission and full distribution through iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories
  • A customized launch plan that leverages existing audiences in your market to grow quickly
  • Proven templates for all launch and promotional marketing materials, emails and scripts

4. Ongoing Podcast Production & Growth Support

  • A dedicated Podcast Production Manager to ensure your show goes out like clock-work
  • Your audio edited and produced into beautiful podcast episodes with mistakes removed
  • Engaging show notes posts written to match each episode in your desired format
  • (Optional) Full episode transcripts in your show notes and in downloadable PDF format
  • Your episodes automatically scheduled to publish and send to you for review
  • Any feedback, tweaks or edit requests are handled promptly and republished for you

The Ultimate Podcasting Experience

··· $12k ···

We have a package for those podcasters who want the best possible experience, from start to finish. This package begins with the standard Podcast Launch Program process, but adds in numerous additions, customized to each client. Additional information coming soon…

Our process isn’t for everyone. Click below to contact us and we’ll get in touch to talk about your idea, its viability as a podcast and whether you’re a good fit for our launch process.

No Pressure, No Obligations.

Need something different, have a question or only need some of these services?

Start a Live Chat with us in the bottom right corner of this page, we’re here to help YOU!


Price: $997

Just For: $117

Buy Here:  http://offercourse.com/product/rye-taylor-cashflow-podcasting-course/
Contact to Support via Skype: jackkie909 | Email: [email protected]

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