Ryan Stewart – Whitehat SEO Strategies – Google Analytics

Ryan Stewart - Whitehat SEO Strategies - Google Analytics

Ryan Stewart - Whitehat SEO Strategies - Google Analytics

Ryan Stewart – Whitehat SEO Strategies – Google Analytics

Sale Page: http://www.localclienttakeover.com/local-client-playbook-ep-4-whitehat-seo-strategies-google-analytics-with-ryan-stewart/

create a product that provides value, and continue providing value to your clients. offering them new products from time to time. keep them engaged and build trust, this encourages your clients to send more business your way. a positive referral is a good way, and the best free way, to grow your business even more.

if you cannot think of something new to offer, you can always ask for some ‘help’. you can interview a real guru is your niche, even a related niche which may help your clients, do a jv or whatever you want to do together. like in this case, these guys are continuing to provide value to their clients a.k.a. customers. keep the client happy and they will always come back for more. keeping them engaged will keep them coming back!

like in this share, a webinar they did to add value for the buyers who purchased their product, you can do something like this for your business. invite your clients to watch the webinar live, offer them the opportunity to ask questions at the end. then later, you can offer the webinar replay to your clients as a freebie and you can even sell it to the public, to help grow your business even more you can offer it as a freebie to get more leads. possibly create a stand alone product from the webinar, offer it as a bonus, or whatever you want to do with it. the sky is the limit, let your imagination run wild. it is a good idea to ask for permission of your guest if you plan to sell access to the webinar, unless you agreed before hand. it is a good idea is to save your emails with the guest, just in case.

Local Client Playbook Ep 4 with Mark Luckenbaugh and Matt Stack featuring guest Ryan Stewart talking mainly about SICK hacks to get links that will change your life…ok maybe that’s too much but they will accelerate your traffic and rankings.

He unveils the strategy used to rank #1 for Miami seo, some of the tactics that has him featured on sites like ahrefs and moz, and his philosophy behind ranking 2015 and beyond, based on the real rankings he achieves. Was a seriously value packed show. Grab a pen and paper to take some notes and get ready to make learn how to use some grey hat tricks to hack those white hat links.

even after a few successful product launches, and claiming they make $500,000 a month, if you notice, one of these guys cannot afford to buy a webcam… lol… here is another tip for you successful VIPs here, or those of who would like to be successful. if you are already making some money, always re-invest in your business so it will grow. buy a good webcam, and some other gear. people forget how important good audio gear is. you need a good microphone so people can clearly hear what you are saying. yes, a good webcam, so your clients can actually see you, lol. like a mentor of mine always say, a good first impression is vital to grow your business. every little bit you do helps.

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