Ryan Lee – Nano Continuity

Ryan Lee - Nano Continuity

 Ryan Lee - Nano Continuity

 Ryan Lee – Nano Continuity



Nano Continuity is a training system that shows its viewers how to make money from continuity income. Continuity income refers to money that is earned on a regular basis when customers sign up for a service or product that requires a monthly fee. For example, if someone subscribes to an ezine (online magazine) they will most likely have to pay a monthly fee.

The creator of this training resource, Ryan Lee, insists that whereas “Content is King” might have been the mantra of past online businessmen and women, in reality “Continuity is the real king!” However, the down side to this is that continuity income has recently become difficult to obtain. Lee points out that less people are willing to sign up for membership sites at the high rates they were willing to pay in the past. Customers are also more likely to cancel their membership after less than one month.

Lee came up with the Nano Continuity program that would provide answers to the current challenges after saw the new and disappointing statistics. He has decided that lowering the monthly membership costs to $5 or less can bring a person many benefits. Lee maintains that lower fees are translated into recurring revenue, higher conversions, higher retention, and a higher lifetime customer value.

Basically, what he means is that people will sign up, will remain customers for a longer time and potentially buy other higher priced products off of your website.

The program can be set up in less than 30 minutes and does not need much, if any, upkeep. It should focus on creating a relationship with its customers and not tricking them into signing up or into continuing one’s membership.

The program’s set of training videos is broken down into four modules. The first module teaches you how to create a front-end offer that a potential customer cannot pass up. The second module shows you how to create a Nano offer that people will want to be a part of for a longer time. The third module guides you through putting the system on autopilot. And the last module reveals how you can bring in thousands of paying members.
Nano Continuity Pricing, Fees, Bonuses And Guarantees

The Nano Continuity training system is being offered for a one-time payment of $77. Ryan Lee claims that most of his training programs sell for $2,000 but that he hopes to reach more people. He recognizes that most people would not be able to afford a more expensive product.

Lee presents 5 bonuses that come with the purchase of his training system: A 2 hour Nano Continuity LIVE online training session; A free ticket to the third Continuity Summit which is held in Stamford, Connecticut and normally costs $399 per ticket; A continuity program case study that got 18,000 paying members in 7 days; A case study that shows how 2 of Lee’s students set up several programs in less than 24 hours; And finally, the free traffic formula that reveals how you can direct thousands of new members to your site.
About The Founders

Ryan Lee started out as a full-time gym teacher in the South Bronx. While he was teaching, in 1999, he created a membership site online to help train athletes and to help other athletic trainers improve their training skills as well.

In the first month he claims he earned $5,000 from his website. After about half a year of consistent income from his site, he decided to quit his teaching job in order to spend more time working on his new endeavor. Now, after more than ten years of experience, he has begun to teach others how to set up their own websites to earn money using the same concepts that worked for him.
Quick Summary

Nano Continuity is a series of training videos that guides viewers through the process of setting up a membership website in a way which will draw in customers, retain them, and hopefully attract ones that will make larger purchases from the site.
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Ryan Lee, the creator of the video training series, provides fours modules to show his clients through the process that he has used successfully through the years. He also includes five bonuses with his training videos. The Nano Continuity program which originally started out at $197, now costs $77.

 Original Sales Price: $197.00

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