Ryan Lee FB Continuity $197

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Ryan Lee FB Continuity $197

Ryan Lee FB Continuity $197

Hi, it’s Ryan Lee and you might know me as the “Continuity King”. Since creating my first continuity program in 2001 – I’ve gone on to create hundreds of these programs and generate over 7-figures per month.

Did you want to create continuity income and don’t know where to begin?

Confused with all the software. And plugins. And not sure how to get people to stick around?

Well, I have great news for you. After a 12 month journey for the “perfect” continuity program – there is a solution. It’s “Facebook Continuity”.

Why Facebook?

Using Facebook to deliver your continuity program eliminates vritually ever “barrier”. You don’t need software. Or plugins. In fact, you don’t have to even manage usernames and passwords.

But the biggest benefit, by far, is the retention.

As I’ve been saying for years…

People BUY for CONTENT – But they STAY for COMMUNITY.

And in my 13+ years of creating hundreds of continuity programs, I’ve never seen better community bulding than in a FB continuity program. The retention rates have been DOUBLE.

After all, there’s no point in creating a continuity program if people don’t stick around for more than one month.

Introducing the FIRST (and Only) Program Showing You EXACTLY How to Create Your Own “Continuity Program” Using Facebook

I’m taking a handful of people through a “One Week FB Continuity Kick Start”. There will be a few live training sessions that will cover…

How to “seed” your program to DOUBLE retention
How to setup your entire program.. in REAL-TIME
How to convert up to 50% of your subscribers… with no sales letter
Put your program in 85% auto-pilot
How to deliver content within Facebook
And so much more…
This is going to be a $1,500.00 training program. But right now, I’m taking a test-group through the system.

I’m talking STEP-BY-STEP… all delivered LIVE (all trainings are recorded for lifetime access).

You can become a member of this special test-group for just one-payment of $197. There are no upsells, just a clean offer.
[center][img]http://filetut.com/images/d.png[/img] [b][color=red]Purchase premium accounts in order to enjoy unlimited downloads with resuming support
***If link dead, please leave a message, we will update immediately***[/color][/b][/center] [quote] http://filetut.com/v74p0peq6psq/FB_Continuity.rar.html

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