Ryan Deiss – The Machine – Modules 5:6 + Bonuses + Calls

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Ryan Deiss – The Machine – Modules 5:6 + Bonuses + Calls

Ryan Deiss – The Machine – Modules 5:6 + Bonuses + Calls

Author: Ryan Deiss
Size: 6.83 GB
Website: https://www.copy.com/s/rIK8YcoBcoO9h0wS/RD-TM-full

The Machine
“The Machine” by Ryan Deiss is simply about making money from your email list.

BIG money!

If you have a list and are still not seeing the results in your bank account like you thought you would then you might consider putting aside a few moments to watch the 4 free videos that tell you all about The Machine.


FREE Email template series GUARANTEED to work!

The Machine Review
Three steps to email marketing riches.

1. Load autoresponder with professionally (DONE FOR YOU) pre-written email series
2. Push button – emails get sent
3. Ka-Ching!

How would you like it if you could just wake up in the morning, press send, sit back and watch the sales rack up on your account.

Even better – what if you didn’t even have to push “send”?

and this system is PROVEN to make even more sales and cash returns?

It is setting up your MACHINE on autopilot. Every day sending out a money generating email series to a highly responsive list. Every. Single. Day!

And you don’t need a big list to do it either. Actually a big list could be hurting you. Watch the video and find out why.

You don’t need to have any special or big and bright email servers to turn your email autoresponders – the one I use works perfectly.

Just fill in the form and take one out for a test-drive. You will see a professionally structured email sequence and offers come to your mailbox.
Now You Can Multiply Profits AND Automate Your Business

AWeber’s email marketing software makes it easy.
Learn how they can do it for you, too.

What you DO need to put your email list on cash generating steroids is a plan. The plan is what they call The Machine!

In a nutshell this is how The Machine works.

Step 1. You have to introduce yourself. Not just blast out offers. INDOCTRINATE

Step 2. Engage your list and get them to purchase. ENGAGE

Step 3. By following up with a well planned sequence you can get them to buy more. ASCEND

Step 4. Through a carefully crafted question or optin sequence you know what they WANT to buy. SEGMENT

Step 5. After someone has bought all they are going to at that time, or someone who hasn’t responded to your emails for awhile, you want a way to bring them back. REENGAGE/WIN BACK

You really need to see the video and download your free copy of The Machine Process Map.

If you aren’t using all five stages of the series you are making a big mistake that is costing you money.

After you have gotten a good grasp on how these stages work you will know where to put individual marketing email series that will create a new income stream. You don’t always have to start at the beginning. It might be doing an Ascension Series is what will do the trick.

An important point to note however, your list has to initially be through the steps in order. For example they need to be indoctrinated before they will really be engaged enough to ascend and on it goes.

By following The Machine system you will be truly putting a purpose to your emailing sequence so you can move your customers to where they really are and prime them for the next buying steps. This way they will be more receptive and more responsive to “buy now” offers.

Indoctrination: Here is where you have a new subscriber.

Your job at this point is to let your sequence introduce your new prospect to your and your business. Tell them who you are and what you are about. Make sure you set yourself apart from the rest by explaining why YOU are different.

Tell your new member what they can expect from you over the weeks to come and let them know how often you will be mailing them. At this point you also want to tell them what THEY should do next as well.

Engagement: Intended to convert your prospects into paying customers.
Rather than explain this one more, take a few moments to watch this video where Ryan walks you through a 7 Day Engagement Series that you can copy and use now.

Ascension: Getting more money out of your buyers.
The fact is – of the people who buy your stuff, some of them would happily buy even more. Upsells, cross sells, addon’s, all go into this plan.

Segmentation: When they say no to your ascension offers.
This is where you try and find out what your prospect is truly interested in so you can move them to the right place. Once you get them to do this you can put them in an engagement series that will better motivate them to buy.

Reengagement/Win Back Emails: What to do when they no longer open your emails.

After you have determined people aren’t opening their emails anymore – or if they are – not clicking on anything, there is still much you can do.

Through proper segmentation (see above) you can move the non-responsive list into a “Win Back” series aimed at bringing them back into the fold.

The other (very important) part of segmenting your non-openers into a different list and a different server is because keeping them on your regular list is causing harm overall to your email deliverability rate.

Your non-openers could be going directly to spam or being segregated. All which can harm your senders score.

How The Machine Impacts Your Business
Produce prospects that will be more engaged with your sequence. Creating users who actually look forward to receiving the next communications from you.

Using a properly crafted email autoresponder series to liven-up an under used service or even bring forward a product from the past.

Use The Machine email sequence to get even more returns from existing customers by implementing an Ascension Series.

Just ask yourself, do you have people on your list that haven’t opened your emails in a long time? Would re-engaging them and truning some back on to you and into buyers make a difference? Now you have an alternative to deleting the “dead”!

What is The Machine?
The Machine is a 6 week email marketing ADVANCED COACHING class.

Everything you need to know and didn’t know to ask.

The coaching is advanced, but still lots of room for the beginner.


Whether you own a local business or do online affiliate marketing you really do need a list and Ryan will teach you what you can do with it to get the most money out of it.

More Leads * More Customers * More Money

1. 3 Types of Segmentation

How to mix and match your lists to improve your sales numbers.
How to effectively use your autoresponders sequencing and broadcasting for optimum performances.
What are the best landing pages and what to do to make them convert.

2. How The Machine Works

The indoctrination series turning cold contacts into customers
Access the initial series of templates
How to structure the winning email that will entice the reader to do what you want them to do
Learn the difference between making your indoctrination to you or your business/brand.

3. The Engagement

Use the professionally crafted templates included
How to make the best and biggest impression

4. Copy & Paste Templates

How to increase the buying rate using this series.
How to get a buyer to buy even more
How to put your winning buyers sequence on autopilot.

5. Flash Sale Campaign
All you need to knwo about segmentation and then some!

6. Reviving the dead!

How and why move subscribers to a whole new place
Getting your own Machine running using the tools and templates

Bonus’s included in The Machine are:
Social List Building
Advanced Email Marketing

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