Ryan Deiss & Kevin Wilke – Local Business Money Machine Sales Webinar

Eben Pagan – How To Build a Business From Scratch Session 1-2

Ryan Deiss & Kevin Wilke - Local Business Money Machine Sales Webinar

Ryan Deiss & Kevin Wilke – Local Business Money Machine Sales Webinar

I was interested to read Ryan Deiss’s idea on making money by helping local businesses have a better Internet presence and attract clients and customers they would have otherwise missed.

I thought Ryan was building up to launch a new product to rival the program from Nitro Marketing called Local Business Money Machine.

[Update – Ryan has since launched two products into this building a local Internet business market – Let’s Get Social (as a social media manager) and Rank Mogul (as an SEO expert) – affiliate links.]

I know another big Internet maarketer who is also looking at this local internet business niche with interest.

Then a second email came in to promote a webinar with Ryan and Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing.

So it looks like it’s not a new product, just a plug to get some affiliate commissions.

You don’t need to fit your life around a webinar as the Local Business Money Machine presentation is already online and you can watch it without even having to sign up on an email list.

Local Business Money Machine – compensated affiliate link -if you click through, love what you see and buy, I get a commission so thanks.

I’ve seen a good number of sales for this promotion and I’ve read plenty of stories about making good money bringing the Internet to local business.

The opportunity is there because the website designers haven’t stepped into the marketing role, normally because they either have a technical and artistic bias.

I have no doubt the opportunity exists and I cover it in my own coaching but I do think you’ve got to play fair with your clients.

Many don’t understand the Internet and can be exploited by the unscrupulous. It is happening so your aim should be to help your clients create extra profits to cover your costs plus a big margin – like two or three times as much.

If they gain by less than your fees, you’re gone quickly and your name and reputation will be tarnished in your own backyard.

If clients have a small net gain after paying your fees, then you’ve covered your costs but you’re not going to have enthusiastic endorsers for long.

We know it’s pretty easy to get to the top of a local search on Google – but it’s worthless if no one is searching for the keyword phrase.

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