Russell Brunson – DotCom Secrets Monthly DVDs 01-2008 – 07-2009

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Russell Brunson - DotCom Secrets Monthly DVDs 01-2008 - 07-2009

Russell Brunson – DotCom Secrets Monthly DVDs 01-2008 – 07-2009

Russell Brunson is an Internet marketer that runs the popular Conquer Your Niche marketing forum and the creator of the company DotComSecrets, which teaches people how to start and build an Internet business. He has been featured on NBC morning news, FOX morning news and has been interviewed in the Millionaire Blueprints magazine.

Russell’s claim to fame was investing $20 to create a product and streamlining it into a multi-million dollar business by his senior year in college. Since then, he has been active in the Internet marketing community, teaching other people the strategies he used to accomplish this feat.
Russell Brunson Detailed Overview

Russell’s main product is the DotComSecrets monthly membership. Customers get a DVD and accompanying magazine delivered every month. The DVDs contain information about business management, copywriting, video creation, affiliate marketing, content development, web design, SEO, and more.

While some of the content was valuable, I was looking for more complete information on different topics such as SEO. Each month you get a few tricks and techniques in each area but I prefer to get the complete picture on a topic. Marketers who are looking for a tip of the month format will enjoy the membership the most.

Russell’s community site, the Conquer Your Niche forum, is a great resource for Internet marketers. It is an active community that allows you to connect with other people who are starting out on building a business or interested in growing their existing one. There aren’t many active IM forums so I found the forum a great way to network with others, seek feedback, review products, and discuss strategies.

The forum also lets you buy credit and gives you credit for posting. The credit can be used to buy classified ads which run on the top of the Conquer Your Niche forum. This credit system is probably helpful for those who actively promote Internet marketing products but for people involved in other niche markets, it won’t be of much value.

Overall, Russell’s products are geared mainly towards beginners. While he does provide solid Internet marketing strategies such as keyword research, pay-per-click advertising, joint ventures, affiliate marketing, and email marketing, there is not much information for experienced and advanced marketers. His courses walk beginners through a step-by-step process, from setting up their website, creating their product, to marketing it.
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Russell Brunson Reputation

Although Russell has had great success as an affiliate marketer and with his company DotComSecrets, much of his success comes from selling to other Internet marketers. I found that his training similar to many other courses in the market. I recommend his training material if you’re new to this business but if you’re looking for advanced information on topics such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing, you should probably look elsewhere.

Russell sells various courses such as the DotComSecrets membership, 12 Month Internet Millionaire course, Affiliate Evolution, and Zip Brander software. He also offers personal coaching and runs seminars. His products and services have generally received positive from customers and he backs his products with money-back guarantee.
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