Ron Douglas – Five Dolar Posts

Ron Douglas – Five Dolar Posts

Ron Douglas – Five Dolar Posts

Ron Douglas – Five Dolar Posts

Name Product: Ron Douglas – Five Dolar Posts – Lead Generation Training for FB advertisers

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Price: $37

As soon as I realized the results I was getting from my Facebook Advertising were not your average results, I decided I had to share my secret methods with a small group of students.

So I sold the program to my personal email list and from the stage during the Marketing Mayhem event in San Diego as a 6-week live coaching offer for $997 per student.

Now since this was going to be the first time I was teaching this course, I knew I had to over-deliver because they were paying good money for this 6-week coaching program.

The good news for you is, all of my detailed lessons during those 6-weeks were recorded so the students could review each lesson at their convenience.

And to save you time, I’ve condensed this 6-week progam down into just the main components you really need to know to get fantastic results.

These recordings and notes are now available to you as part of the Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training Program.

In this lead generation CORE training for Facebook advertisers you’ll uncover:

The 3 simple steps to successful implementation of any online marketing program.  Get these right and you’re off to the right start.
How to legally “steal” the advertising secrets from some of the most effective Facebook advertisers. Why waste money in guessing your way to success when others have done the heavy lifting for you?
Why it is critical to know your “numbers”.  And this has nothing to do with expensive mattresses, but can help you buy any mattress you want. 🙂
The two most important factors (these are the only two that really matters) to getting the most bang for your bucks out of your Facebook marketing strategy.
How to create a marketing SYSTEM for profitable list building so you’ll never have to worry about money again.  (Big promise with a huge delivery!)
A sneaky way to monetize your list without killing your open rates and response level. Hardly anybody is doing this.
Case Study: How I made $2,813 by sending out one little email.
Why there is no such thing as a “traffic problem” online and how to quickly get out of that mindset.  You’ll be surprised what this mind shift do for your business.
The best online technologies for easy marketing funnel setup and lead follow-up. How to choose these tools depending on your product niche.
Where to find the best resources for great sales copy.  Great copy couple with great products is where the money is at.
The foolproof 12-step sales copy formula that lets you create winning sales copy even if you’ve never written a sales letter before.
7 Ways to overcome your subscribers buying resistance so they buy more every time.  These simple tricks will boost your conversion with little extra effort.
Little Facebook Ads quirks you should know about but you’ll never see in their instructions or discussed publicly.  These little hiccups can cost you dearly if you don’t know about them and the only way to learn them is from running ads. It’s like you need experience to get the job and the job to get experience.
Sneaky little tricks to get traffic to your Facebook ads as soon as possible.  I’ve seen many Facebook advertisers complain about setting up ads that are approved but are not displayed.  You won’t have to worry about this problem.
Why you should never edit your Facebook ads while they are running. (This is right out of the horse’s mouth.)
How to avoid “Uneven Delivery Pacing” for your Facebook ads and scale up your successful ads at the same time.
How to get high “relevance scores” for your ads and so reduce your ad costs.  This can cut your budget in half and boost your profits like nothing else.
Why deleting negative posts in response to your ads can raise a red flag for Facebook and what to do instead.
The fastest ways to get your Facebook ad account banned and how to avoid these mistakes like the plague. (HINT: Not everything is written in the Facebook Terms of Service and you don’t want to learn the hard way.)
Recommended steps to take if your Facebook ads account is banned and how to improve your chances of getting reinstated.
The elements of your Facebook ads that you should always be testing to make sure your running the best ads possible. (HINT: Check out my Easy 4 Step Copy Formula I shared with you above.)
How to peep behind the curtains of one of the most successful online marketing companies and see how they set up their campaigns.  Why guess at what really works when the answer is in plain sight?
How to use the in-house tools of Facebook to optimize your ads for the cheapest and highest conversion clicks possible. (I’ll point you to a free resource where you can review 50 A/B split test conversion optimization case studies!)
The “sandwich testimonial” call-to-action landing page layout that can boost response by as much as 64%!  This one will really surprise you but the numbers don’t lie.
One simple free test you can use to make sure your landing pages are mobile friendly.  With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, and Google frowning on pages that are not mobile friendly, this is not something you want to overlook.
4 Surefire ways to scale up your winning Facebook ads to maximize lead generation and ultimate profit.
How to ensure you’ll always have access to your page even if your Facebook account is banned.  Don’t worry, this is perfectly legal.
The best method for targeting Facebook ads, whether using Custom Audiences, Interests or Behaviors & Advanced Demographics.
4 Bidding guidelines you don’t want to overlook when setting up your CPM or CPC Facebook ads.  Don’t expect Facebook to tell you about these.

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