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Rodrigo Werner - Offline Profits X

Rodrigo Werner – Offline Profits X

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– Write something once and you can reuse it for other purposes later. Here are a couple of ways to re-purpose content –

– Make a video based on an article that you wrote.

– Take one idea from the article and expand on that and make a completely new complementary article.

Post your content in multiple places – If you want to get a lot of eyeballs on your work, post it in many places so there is a greater chance that more people will find it. (Note: If you sell your articles to other, then do not do this. That person paid you a fair price to do work and that content is theirs and should only be theirs.)

Don’t take yourself too seriously – People like to read work that is done by human beings. They would much rather be entertained and surprised and deal with a few simple errors, then to read a perfect peace of content. Have one with your work, regardless of the topic and you will find that you get better responses from those who are reading your work.

Follow the three tips above and you will be in the right state of mind to make money writing articles.

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