Robin Booth- What your children want to know from you before you die.

Robin Booth- What your children want to know from you before you die.

Robin Booth- What your children want to know from you before you die.

Robin Booth- What your children want to know from you before you die.

Name Product: Robin Booth- What your children want to know from you before you die.
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Author: Robin Booth

Answers to the the most important life questions you have on capturing your love, wishes and memories for your children.

I hope you don’t die before your time! And I bet my mom and dad hoped for the same thing when they were alive…but life is unpredictable and sad things happen unexpectedly.

Just picture this: If you had a car accident tomorrow, and you passed away, what would your children remember of you in one year’s time, or in twenty years time?

What would you want them to know about you? And if you could tell them before you died, do you know the way to tell them of your love for them so they could remember this through out their lives?

But they also NEED something from you, but don’t know how to ask you for it….so how can you tell them?

This course is totally unique and is not found anywhere else. This is your one chance right now to access our research of the last 15 years into what people want to know when they are about to die, and what they wish they had done and said to their loved ones.
If only my mother had done this course… then she would have known what to do and say that would have satisfied this deep longing I have for knowing who she was and what she felt about me.

This is a short (watch it in one go), inspiring and powerful course that supports you in capturing and creating your Conscious Memories that answer:
– The 6 questions you need to answer for your children before you die.
– The 5 answers you should explain about your experience of being a parent.
– The steps to creating a LIVING MEMORY WILL.
– The process to create a personal legacy for your children.
..and much more

And it is not about death. Its actually about LIVING and creating incredible memories for you and your children to access in Life, and in case of dying.

I wish I could say you have nothing to lose in doing this course… but in fact, you have EVERYTHING to lose if you don’t because if you die early, your children lose your memories of them, and as you grow older your memory also deteriorates and you lose those as well.

After watching this course, you will know how to capture and record that which is the most important thing we come to treasure.

What are the requirements?
– This course is not about death, but actually about capturing what we value in life.
– This course is not about instilling fear or worry in you, but in supporting you to create a lasting legacy.
– No prior knowledge or preparation needed

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 16 lectures and 53 mins of content!
– Answer the 6 most important questions your children want answers to in case you die early.
– Create a “LIVING MEMORY WILL” in case you die early.
– Create a strategy to ‘cheat death’ so your legacy carries on for your children.
– Know the 5 questions to ask your child so they are ready to record their own conscious memories.
– Create the steps to share your ‘parenting journey’ so when your children are parents themselves, they will understand why you parent how you do right now.
– Capture and record your most valuable thoughts and memories for your children.

What is the target audience?
– Every loving parent and grandparent
– For parents of any age who have kids of any age
– For the beginner parent or teacher to the professional parent coaches and counsellors.

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