Rick Bensignor – Unlocking the Mystery of Trend Analysis

Rick Bensignor – Unlocking the Mystery of Trend Analysis

Rick Bensignor – Unlocking the Mystery of Trend Analysis

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Every trader has heard the saying, “the trend is your friend.” The problem is finding the trend so you can jump on board for a nice juicy profit. For the first time ever, technical expert Rick Bensignor is appearing on videotape to show you how to identify real, tradeable trends in the market … and to decide which technical analysis studies to employ depending upon the trendiness or non-trendiness of the market. Upon finishing this video you’ll understand the true meaning of a moving average and you’ll know which type of technical analysis to use for any given security and any given situation. If you’re looking for a thorough introduction to technical analysis, this video is something you simply won’t want to miss.


1. Beginning
2. Welcome
3. Rick Bensignor
4. The Most Important Thing
5. Simple Moving Average
6. The Pivot
7. Weighted Moving Average
8. Exponential Moving Average
9. Fibonacci
10. Cross Over
11. 5 and 20
12. This Puts Funds Out of Business
13. 70% Sideways
14. What Is a Trend?
15. Buying Here, Selling Here
16. Bensinor T-MAP
17. It’s a Model
18. Positive Neutral, Negative
19. 3 Moving Averages
20. Oscillators
21. Often Does It Work?
22. Curve Fitting
23. Sell Side Trader
24. Any Time Frame
25. The Rules
26. In Summation
27. Final Word

About The Expert Rick Bensignor

Rick Bensignor is a senior product specialist for futures and technical analysis at Bloombert L.P. Prior to that, he was the chief technical strategist for commodities at Morgan Stanley and a trader on the floor of several New York Commodities Exchanges for 14 years. He is also an adjunct professor of financial management at New York University.

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