Richard Rose – Video Talks & Lectures

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 Richard Rose - Video Talks & Lectures

Richard Rose – Video Talks & Lectures


Richard Rose was a down-to-earth mystic, poet, esoteric philosopher and Zen adept from the hills of West Virginia. He reached thousands of people via his lectures across the U.S. over two decades, and worked directly with a group of about 100 dedicated students. This video was produced late in his teaching career, in 1991, and despite his age, the dynamism of the teacher is striking. The camera follows a group of students as they attend a university lecture by Mr.Rose and then drive to his rustic “ashram” (farm in West Virginia) for a weekend meeting.

Tags: Zen, Zen master, TAT Foundation, direct-mind, transmission, transmission of mind, occult, esoteric, magic, magick, philosophy, self-definition, spiritual search, truth.

See notes below re video quality.

Publisher’s description:
Mr. Rose had a unique presentation, unencumbered by pomp, pretense, or
pseudo-logic. He spoke directly to the hearts and minds of his listeners, mixing
penetrating insight with an all-encompassing humor that often stunned his
audience, while simultaneously altering their view of the world. Many people came
away from his talks with the distinct impression that, somehow, he was directly
addressing their personal problems and inner states.

This dynamic glimpse into the teaching style of Richard Rose follows a group of
university students visiting the Rose farm and former TAT retreat center in West
Virginia. The two-DVD set (232 minutes) contains sequences from university
lectures and informal discussions interspersed with impressions of first-time
visitors and reminiscences of long-time students.

Note: The video was originally filmed in 1991, and the DVD has been produced
from edited VHS camcorder tapes. The first of the two original tapes had been
edited using super-VHS equipment, the second on standard VHS equipment, and
the resulting image wasn’t as sharp. The second DVD disc carries forth that
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