Richard Earl – Traffic Goldmines

Richard Earl - Traffic Goldmines

Richard Earl – Traffic Goldmines

Lists posts are some of the most popular content on the web. They’re easy to read and they usually pack a lot of information into a small space. And you can always tell a blogger’s hit a home run with a list post because it has lots of comments afterward. You probably already know how to write a good list post, one that gets plenty of shares and comments. Now, here’s how to turn those popular list posts into traffic goldmines.

turn popular list post into traffic goldmine
Use them to build a list: Most list posts are short, sweet and to-the-point. They offer just enough information, but don’t go into great detail. If you’ve written a list post that’s getting a lot of attention, use it to generate a list. Tell your readers you’ve noticed the extra interest and you’re offering greater detail on each point in an email series you’ve created.

Use them for article and blog post ideas: One really killer Top Ten article can turn into 10 or more blog posts or articles by simply writing a new article to elaborate on each of your points. And the possibilities are endless.

For example, a post titled “10 Things You Can Do To Attract More Traffic” could be broken down into 10 articles explaining each of the 10 methods in greater detail. If one of those methods is Guest Blogging, there are a dozen more articles at least that you could write on just that one topic. Expand one good list article as far as you can reach and you can quickly establish yourself as an authority in any niche.

Use them for controversy: There’s no doubt about it, controversy sells. It also attracts traffic. When you see another blogger post a list article that you disagree with, then you have a whole list of controversial topics at your disposal. If that blogger just happens to be an A-list blogger you can capitalize on their traffic by using similar keywords so your post gets seen by the same readers.


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