Richard Bandler – Submodalities and Hypnosis

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Richard Bandler – Submodalities and Hypnosis

Richard Bandler – Submodalities and Hypnosis

A 4-day workshop on advanced training for NLP therapists given in Boulder, Colorado, March, 1987 by Richard Bandler, co-developer of neurolinguistic programming with introductions by Connirae Andreas.

The training involves the use of submodalities, ie., the smaller elements within the visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities, and hypnosis, as faster ways of achieving personal change.

Rather than just his more commonly seen ‘Bandler sitting on a chair telling stories’ style (although you see elements of this style which add to the experience) Bandler describes and demonstrates the techniques from start to finish.

Richard Bandler : 5 video presentations. Originally on VHS these are from the DVD release although are clearly VHS quality.

1. Amplifying kinesthetic states & body work (117 min.)
2. Nonverbal elicitation and change (78 min.)
3. Presuppositions and hypnosis (63 min.)
4. Redesigning and chaining states (96 min.)
5. Convictions, beliefs, and reality (82 min.)

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