Richard Bandler – Building Maintaining Generalizations

Richard Bandler - Building  Maintaining Generalizations

Richard Bandler – Building  Maintaining Generalizations


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In this advanced submodalities seminar, Bandler teaches how people get motivated, learn, become convinced, and generalize. This series contains the first recorded presentation of Bandler’s time model.

1. Positive Motivation Strategies 57 min.
Adjusting criteria and beliefs. Amplifying motivation with submodalities. Streamlining and redesign by rechunking and resequencing the operation phase of the strategy.

2. Learning Strategies: Acquisition and Conviction 66 min.
Install an internal-reference evaluation based on analogue sensory feedback (internal and external) and a recursive loop so that conviction loops to motivation.

3. Elements of Understanding 80 min.
The time dimension in generalizations and their relation to contextual change in contrast to personality or attitudinal change and meta-programs that preserve generalizations.

4. Building New Understandings 59 min.
Creating perceptual grids for determining the structure of generalizations. Identifying and creating “imprint” reference experience that are the basis for creating or changing generalizations.

5. Time and meta-Programs 77 min.
More detail on the impact of Time and meta-program distinctions on generalizations and using this information to select a change technique and predict how far it will generalize.

6. Remembering, Planning, Intervening 111 min.
Planning is based on remembering, and both activities involve generalizing. How someone generalizes provides the information and the means to install new useful generalizations.

**Warning: Richard Uses Explicit Language
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