Rental Express – How to maximise the returns from your investment property

Rental Express - How to maximise the returns from your investment property

Rental Express – How to maximise the returns from your investment property

As they say, there’s only 2 certainties in life – Death & Taxes.  We have little or no control over the first matter, but we can make informed decisions about the Taxes aspect to minimise our costs and maximise our returns.

Be sure to keep your investment property records (rental income statements, insurance details, depreciation reports and invoices, etc.) in a safe, central location for the financial year to ensure that you are prepared for your accountant’s meeting.

If you haven’t already done so, have you considered investing in a Property Depreciation Tax Report? Many investment property owners simply rely on their accountant to give the right advice and guidance when preparing their annual Tax Return, but unless the accountant is armed with the right information from the onset you may be missing valuable legitimate deductions that can heavily impact on your Tax Payable.  In fact, approximately 80% of property investors overpay their income tax by missing this opportunity.

You can obtain a Property Depreciation Tax Report during any part of the year – the sooner you undertake a depreciation report, the sooner you will be able to commence claiming your deductions.  The report provides a 40 year schedule for Capital Works Allowance (building write-off, if applicable) and Depreciable Assets (plant and equipment allowance) – ensuring you are claiming all those items that make the house a home.

So, where to from here?  To find out more, contact Professionals Tax Depreciation, which is run by leading, national Tax Depreciation specialists DEPPRO.

Once assessed, they guarantee you will receive depreciation allowances of at least twice the cost of the Report in the first full financial year – or they’ll refund your cost of the Report … and you will still receive your schedule. And of course the cost of the Report itself is 100% tax deductible.
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