Recession-Made Renegade Millionaire – Dan Kennedy

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Dan Kennedy - Recession-Made Renegade Millionaire

Dan Kennedy – Recession-Made Renegade Millionaire

Here’s my personal blueprint that’s 35 years in the making that could allow you to be free of debt, beholden to no one, and live anywhere you choose…as you choose!

“Why Everyone Else Is DEAD WRONG About Achieving Wealth And Prosperity In This Economy…And How You Can Leverage The ‘Great Recession’ To Attract Even MORE Customers
And Clients That’ll Give You Money
Over And Over Again!”

Forget Those “Talking Heads” On TV Who Yammer About How Much The Economy Stinks. That’s Just For Losers!

Read Every Single Word Of This Message To Discover 3 Key Concepts That’ll Transform The Great Recession Into The Biggest Wealth Opportunity Of Your Life!

So here’s what you’ll get when you claim your copy of Recession Made Renegade Millionaire:

Component #1: Renegade Millionaire System
First off, there’s the cornerstone of this program, my “Renegade Millionaire System”

It’s based on my direct, personal, intimate experience with hundreds of first generation, from scratch, millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

I’ve been working side by side with such people for 35 years and still am today.

I suppose the most dramatic of these started a company with one product and one media, and has grown it to producing over 1.5-BILLION dollars a year.

Many have created fortunes during the worst economies. It is from all this experience that I assembled this System.

To drain the experience out of my brain, a terrific peak performance consultant and good friend Lee Milteer meticulously reviewed every written and recorded work of mine, notes from consulting projects, interviews with clients…

…to then act as your proxy and spend three full days asking me probitive questions…

… and you’ll have total access to these personal interviews, and can listen to these audio recordings anywhere, anytime.

By the way, were you to buy 3 days of my time to get these same questions answered personally, you’d pay my day rate of $18,800 times 3: $56,400.00.

But, then, you’d have to know what questions to ask. I’ve never before sat still and subjected myself to such an intense, in-depth, no limits grilling, and I wouldn’t want to do it ever again.

Out of this, captured on 12 audio CDs, you’ll experience my most revealing work in years – all about how Renegade Millionaires find or create and exploit opportunities to attract wealth.

Supporting your application of everything revealed through these interviews, you get a 146-page Desk Reference Manual laying out the seventeen mega-strategies, the 28 core competencies of wealthy entrepreneurs and extraordinary marketers, and 24 Application Exercises, to be used with your business life, over 3 months, 8 per month, or 6 months, 4 per month as you choose.

The 90-Day Experiment is an hour a day, listening, and to apply these Exercises. At one Exercise per week, four per month, you WILL realize some very dramatic gains in just the first 3 months.

You also get a giant 396-page Archives Book. This is a collection of rare and unique resources and examples from my past. You’ll find treasure here, convertible to drive traffic and convert it to customers for life.
These 3 pieces… “The Renegade Millionaire System,” “Renegade Millionaire Time Management,” and “Renegade Marketing” comprise the ultimate go-to collection and resource for the business owner who’s ready to leave the maddening crowd behind and stake their claim to the gold mine of opportunities that lie all around us.

Component #2 – Renegade Millionaire Time Management
Knowing what to do without having the bandwidth to make that happen is an all-too-common nightmare scenario for all-too-many business owners. Making and finding the time to getting things done is critical.

That’s why I’m including my “Renegade Millionaire Time Management” program.

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