Real Fast Public Domain Tony Laidig Daniel Hall

Real Fast Public Domain Tony Laidig Daniel Hall

Real Fast Public Domain Tony Laidig Daniel Hall
“Harnessing and Profiting From Public Domain Content Real Fast!”

From the desks of Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall

What’s better…

Trading time for money?


Trading info products for money?

We can tell you from experience that it is far better to trade info products for money rather time.


Because there is only so much time in the day… 86,400 seconds to be exact… and once those seconds are gone they are gone forever. Therefore, earning is time-limited. And if you are smart you don’t want your earning to be limited in any way!

Here’s the important thing…

With info products you don’t have that limitation. In fact, with print on demand technology and automatic fulfillment THERE ARE NO LIMITS to how much you can sell and earn. The sky is the limit!

I know what you are thinking, “Yes, that sounds good but how much time will it take to create info products that sell?”

Great question… here’s the answer:

You can crank out high-quality, highly profitable info products faster than you ever thought possible when you know the secret. The secret is in knowing how to use public domain to produce info products fast!

For those of you who don’t know…

The public domain consists of works that aren’t protected by copyright or by other legal means. You are free to use public domain works however you wish, without seeking permission or paying royalties, because …

their copyrights have expired; or
the copyright owner didn’t follow certain required formalities (so they didn’t get a valid copyright); or
the works weren’t eligible for copyright in the first place; or
their creators dedicated them to the public domain.

Outside the Box Thinking

That’s right you may be saying to yourself “public domain sounds great but if it’s free for everyone to use isn’t the market saturated with this stuff?”

In a word “no” it’s not, especially when you employ some of the outside the box strategies you’ll discover in Real Fast Public Domain training.

For example, we’ll show you the exact steps for….

Making picture and coffee table books from old public domain films (take it from us NO ONE does this and if there are publishers out there doing this they are few and far between).
Taking federal government issued PDFs and prepare them for print on demand publishing on (that’s right we show you how to take and make money with all that awesome, high-quality federal government created content most of which is in the public domain.)
Converting the same federal government pdfs into files for upload to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple’s iPad.
Creating and selling on Amazon DVD’s from public domain content (think of programs you see on the History Channel that use lots of moving pictures and voice-over. Folks most of those are created using public domain content. Groovy, right?)

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