Pro Designed Sales Page Templates – Copybundle SalesPages

Pro Designed Sales Page Templates - Copybundle SalesPages

Pro Designed Sales Page Templates – Copybundle SalesPages

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Price: $25.85



You have an awesome product or service all ready to rock and roll… all you need now is a killer professional looking sales page.

So you start scouting designers and getting quotes… $2000 here… $3000 there… some even higher…

You can’t spend that much… you´re trying to MAKE money, not spend it!

Plus, they want to take 6 weeks… 8 weeks… or maybe even 3 or 4 months to complete the work.

You can’t wait that long, you need to make sales NOW, not next year!

So you start looking overseas for a foreign designer to do the work. Once you find someone who can actually speak your language, then you start remembering the horror stories youVe heard about money taken with no results, or trumped up portfolios that don’t show the person’s actual work.

Do you really want to take the chance of money and time down the drain?

But wait… isn’t there a site called Fiverr, where you can get work done in a day or two for a few dollars? Well, leťs be honest, you know how good that work is going to look. You may not be able to spend thousands…

…but your product is worth more than poor quality $5 work, isn’t it?

I used to have this problem all the time. I knew I wasn’t alone, I knew others needed quality sales page designs that were affordable, just like I did. I had to figure this out.

I was thinking about this problem while shopping at my local membership warehouse discount store. As I rounded the corner into aisle 7, surrounded by 5 gallon buckets of mayonnaise and 64-packs of hot dogs, it hit me like a ton of bricks…

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