Pristine – Greg Capra – Intra-Day Trading Tactics

Pristine – Greg Capra – Intra-Day Trading Tactics

Pristine – Greg Capra – Intra-Day Trading Tactics

Pristine – Greg Capra – Intra-Day Trading Tactics

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Short-term traders have used intra-day tactics to build wealth for years. Now Greg Capra shares his secrets in this book/online video course package designed to energize your trading and arm you with the critical elements you need to make more money. You’ll see how Capra pools an array of indicators creating a single — profitable — trading protocol that will be used to make winning trades over and over. See him guide you through his methodical approach, then study his method thoroughly point by point in this carefully crafted set of instructional material.

Watch and read as Capra drives home the following critical points:

  • The three foundational forms of intra-day trading
  • The psychological demands you’ll need to know to win big
  • The need to define your financial plan; building wealth or gaining income
  • The importance of mastering charts- 5 and 15 minute patterns
  • The all-critical “tick indicator”— how to master it as a key timing tool

These are but a few of the points that Capra outlines in this comprehensive learning set. Use the book and online video to develop a working, hands-on knowledge of moving averages, risk limits through relative strength analysis, and targets that will position you for huge gains with minimum financial risk. This course will give you everything you need to achieve intra-day trading mastery.

Run time: 88 min. Successful intra-day trading is a fine art – and Greg Capra is a master of the game. Now, Capra shares his personal secrets for prospering in this high-intensity arena. Displaying confidence, discipline and patience — the 3 characteristics of winning traders — Capra’s workshop comes complete with an Online Support Manual. Greg’s methodical approach shows how pooling an array of indicators can create a single – profitable – trading protocol that can be used to make dynamite trades, again and again.

Capra’s key points include …

  • 3 fundamental forms of intra-day trading
  • Can YOU do it? The psychological demands of intra-day trading
  • Trading for wealth, trading for income – when to do which
  • Working with charts – 5 & 15 min. patterns
  • Understanding how volatility patterns impact your trading selection
  • The “tick indicator” as a key timing tool

Moving averages, risk limits through relative strength analysis, and targeting small, consistent gains with minimum dollar risk – Capra’s comprehensive presentation covers all the essentials needed to achieve intra-day trading mastery. On it’s own – or combined with the full Pristine. com library of video courses — every short-term trader should watch and learn from this video.

Author Information

Greg Capra is president and CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., the nation’s leading educational service for self-directed traders. He has 15 years of experience as a day trader and swing trader.
Many years ago, Capra realized how to collect valuable intra-day information from stock quotes and store them into an orderly computerized system. He utilized a program called SuperTic to track
and evaluate this information, which led him to his pursuit of intra- day trading tactics.

In those days, free online stock charts and quotes were not widely available, and institutional traders had a great advantage over the individual trader. Today, the playing field is more level. Capra saw
an opportunity to build an educational and research firm for selfdirected, independent traders. This meant that ordinary people could now possess a sophisticated level of research on par with institutional traders and hedge funds.

Capra developed The Pristine Swing Trader, an advisory newsletter with over 60,000 subscribers, and is co-author of the book, Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader (McGraw-Hill, 2000). was founded in 1994 and combines publication-based education with seminars and education services aimed at helping traders gain an intuitive understanding of the markets. Over 400 seminars are conducted each year around the world.

Before founding Pristine, Capra spent 15 years running his own business. Since founding, his desire has been to educate the individual investor in quantitative analysis of market movements.


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