Premier PLR Monthly

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Premier PLR Monthly

Premier PLR Monthly

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer:

Never Let Real Opportunities Pass You By….

Too often, really great deals get overlooked because, well – they seem too good to be true.

You’re about to see an offer that some will think is too good to be true. But the fact is that it is TOO GOOD TO PASS UP!

Read on. Keep an open mind. You decide.

Hi, my name is Frank Ayres, a successful market, who just like you a few years ago had the dream of building my very own Internet marketing empire.

But just like you…

I didn’t have any products
I didn’t really have the skill to develop my own products
And writing dozens of articles day-in and day-out to keep the search engines happy wasn’t exactly my idea of making money on autopilot.
But the fact remained that I needed to keep fresh, high-quality content on my websites, blogs, and everything else in between to rise in the search engines and outsell my competition.

The problem was that, probably just like you, I didn’t have the money or luxury of having a team of writers to produce whatever I needed, whenever I needed it.

And that’s when it hit me!

I wondered to myself, how in the heck could all of these marketing gurus brag daily about making millions virtually without lifting a finger when I knew for a fact that just keeping content week-in and week-out can be overwhelming.

So I started looking into their claims and you know what—the gurus were actually telling the truth—they were making millions virtually without lifting a finger.

Wanna know how?

PLR is the secret…

And with this new, breakthrough PLR membership that I’ve created, you’ll get the absolute best PLR articles and products in the world each month.

And I’m not just saying that because it’s my membership—-I mean, I’m talking about compelling and profit-producing niche articles, ebooks, and reports coming directly from my worldwide resources that can literally double, triple, even quadruple your sales in just days from now.

But let me warn you, if…..

You Snooze, You Lose!

Yeah, I know you’ve heard of that before, but it really is the truth!

Here’s why:

The reason most people don’t make it in the PLR business is simple, either they don’t know where to go to get the product ahead of the pack, or they take too long getting it to market.

But the good news for you is that…..

Now You’ve Just Found the Winning Combination

Finally, you don’t have to hunt for sparkling PLR articles and products, because I do it for you.

No, you don’t have to waste your money buying individual articles and products because I’m going to package these money-making monsters all together at ONE LOW PRICE!

Is that sweet or what?

Well, let’s…..

Stop For A Moment… Not All PLR Products Are Created Equal!

PLR for internet marketers is probably one of the best things that came from the internet and it is true that this method of doing business has given fortunes to thousands of ordinary people just like you.

However, not all PLR articles coming from content mills will have the quality that you need.

We know that if the PLR products that we offer are not of high-standards, then your business will suffer too, so we won’t just hand you a bunch of garbage like many other PLR sites are willing to do!

And I know that right now, you’re probably asking yourself…

What makes us so different?

Unlike others, we’ll overwhelm you with high quality PLR products, placing you in perfect position to profit from Day 1 of your product launch or boost sales with your existing business.

PLUS, we’ll save you a ton of money versus if you tried to produce the amount of content and products that we’ll hand you, on your own.

So the question for you now is…..

Where do you find excellent PLR content?

It all starts here!

With our PLR content that we’ll provide you with, you’ll discover unlimited possibilities, such as…..

Create your Own Website – With 300 articles sent to you each month, you have enough PLR material to create your own website and sell your products from there!
Offer a Content Package – Add value to your PLR products by offering them as part of a bigger package. You can then sell the package in subscription format at a much higher price!
Add your own mark to the PLR content by offering niche market products – Create your own home study course or self help tutorial series! Create these useful courses from our content and sell them for hundred of dollars!
Launch them as they are for quick profits! – All you need is add your name and create an order form to resell these products! This is the best way to earn money immediately!
Use the PLR articles for MORE internet marketing – If you already have a product that you wish to enhance, you can use relevant PLR articles and submit them to article directories with a link back to your product! Get high search engine ranking with our keyword rich articles!
Use PLR Articles To Enhance your Mail List! – Surprise your subscribers with fresh and engaging content so that they will visit your website every time they see your mail.
Convert PLR Content to Make them Unique – We will give you all the rights that will help you launch the content as your own unique product. Edit the name, change the header graphics, rewrite the content, and shuffle the layout so that you can repackage the product as a unique offering! This will help you create your own market niche and target your preferred customers!
Add Your Affiliate Links to PLR – The more PLR that you have online, the more you can increase your earning through affiliate links! Affiliate links are great source for residual income. By adding these links to the content, you are effectively creating more value to an already valuable article!
You’ll be able to do all of that and experience unlimited business potential with our…

Premium PLR Monthly!

The Premium PLR Monthly is the “Silver Bullet” that you need to take your online business to the next level of success and have the professional and quality PLR products and articles that not only builds trust with information seekers, but also entices them to buy, which equals fast and easy profits for you.

So whether you’re a beginner who lacks the skill of a seasoned writer or an experienced marketer, who just hates producing content and spending weeks developing new products, the Premium PLR Monthly now makes it possible for you to stand out from the rest!

Unlike other or similar memberships or products on the market today, the Premium PLR Monthly makes it a breeze for you to quickly and easily build your very own Internet marketing empire virtually without lifting a finger—the exact same way that the gurus have done it for years!


It takes just 3 steps & you’re done

The Premium PLR Monthly caters to your needs and helps you to effortlessly take your online business to the next level of success in only three simple steps.

Step 1: Signup for membership

Step 2: Pick and choose from hundred of articles and products to download and use at your own disposal

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and watch your search engine ranking soar and the profits roll in…. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

In fact…..

Here’s a sneak-peak at what you’ll get each month

300 Articles every month ready for rapid deployment! Get 25 articles on at least 12 different subjects per month. The subjects are widely varied so you have a chance to work on different products per month!
3 PLR Ebooks! Our eBooks could be in the form of tutorials, general information, self-help, and more. You can resell them immediately and earn profits in no time.
Demo Sales Letter
Complete Sales Letters for the 3 Ebooks! You do not have to work hard to sell them on your own. Host our sales letters and watch your income from our eBooks grow!!
But wait—that’s not all…

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